Loquax Is 12 Years Old! Happy Birthday Duck!

February 8th, 2010

Amazingly Loquax is 12 years old today, but we almost forgot! The start to 2010 has been a mix of being busy or being looked after by Mr Lemsip so any celebrations (or even remembering the date to be honest) has been completely slipped our minds. So it’s a big thanks to @mesafish for reminding us via Twitter about the date… and therefore giving us an excuse to post the picture of Jason’s birthday cake in way of celebration.

Jason's Duck Birthday Cake

If you’ve been on the forums then you’d have seen the cake already. It was created by Lisa Leonard-Govier (Swansea) for Jason’s birthday and not Loquax’s but it seems appropriate to include it here (and saves us rooting round for a different picture).

Anyway back to Loquax’s 12 year birthday!

For this site to exist for 12 years and to remain strong and independent in an ever more competitive field, is a remarkable achievement. As ever The Loquax Team, still headed up by Jason and Kirsty, can’t do what we do without the people who visit daily, use the forums, send us updates, work with us, promote us, say nice things about us etc.

Whilst Facebook, Twitter, Moneysavers and everyone else mean bigger challenges for Loquax, it still amazes us that the site continues to grow and people still visit, many of whom who have been with us since we started.

And so it’s onwards and upwards. We can’t promise another 12 years as we have no idea what the future holds. What we do know is that we’ve kicked off 2010 with some great new features and options for you, and we have some more to come.

Hopefully we will run out of ideas one day (just so we can have a rest) but we can reveal that there’s a potential “big” change coming to the site in the near future. Watch this space for details … let’s call it a belated birthday present if it happens!

Anyway Happy Birthday Loquax – blimey… 12 years old!!!!

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