Loquax Looks Back On 2010

December 31st, 2010

After countless competition updates, a few tweets, a bundle of blogs and a brand new duck logo it’s time to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011. But before we get ready to celebrate The New Year we thought we’d take a look back at Loquax and comping over the last 12 months.

We kicked off 2010 with the introduction of our Loquax 5 A Day, 5 randomly selected comps that are closing soon to encourage compers to try something different from their favourite haunts. This was quickly followed by the remove bingo listings option.

New options and ideas continued throughout 2010, including the introduction of social networking links on our listings. With these options you can quickly click through to Facebook and Twitter pages of the brands and sites we list.

March was a big month for Loquax as out went our old duck logo (sob) and in came a brand new modern version (hooray). We also commissioned some seasonal looks for duckie and during 2010 he’s been St George, a pumpkin, Santa, sported a poppy and even been a slightly odd looking spotty egg. We think we’ll rethink the Easter logo for 2011.

We like ducks (surprisingly) at Loquax and so inspired by O2’s Quacky Races Competition we created our April 1st story about Loquax’s First Annual Transatlantic Duck Race. Popular competitions during April including Magnum’s Crack the Code plus chances to win parts in Neighbours and Glee.

In May we addressed the question Is Loquax a scam? as many people still can’t quite understand what it is we do here. We list competitions other sites run and we don’t charge you, cajole you to hunt the competitions or leave the site abandoned at holiday times. We maintain the site and all you have to do is go and try and win stuff. That’s it.

June was an exciting and busy month and it was also award winning. Jason’s blog and the site picked up A4UAwards at a black tie event in London. Not one to rest on our laurels the same month we introduced mobile versions of Loquax and the very popular Quack Stats.

Sadly, June was also the month we started to see problems occurring with online competitions. We even asked if Voting Competitions were out of control, something that has proven to be true towards the latter end of 2010.

Another month and yet more new options for Loquax users. Some users just want the absolute basics, so we can give you those too in the form of simple listings. Out goes the blurb and paraphernalia – in comes a simple list that also includes the quacker tracker.

Over the year we’ve blogged about cool, but unusual competition prizes, and in August one of the most unusual cropped up. Belgian Beer company, Vedett offered you the chance to win a cement mixer. This would have been our favourite comp of 2010, but Play.com’s A-Team Van totally blew the cement mixer away.

September saw voting competition problems rear their ugly head. Flip Video had voting issues and we blogged about how people picked up votes to win competitions. Sadly they weren’t always in the spirit of competition. We know a number of promoters have been made aware of our blog, so thanks to everyone who refers people to it!

There were more vote competition shenanigans in October with Ryvita, Jeeves and Next all facing the wrath of angry compers. However, the highlight of the month was the brief, blink and you’d miss it, appearance of Loquax on The One Show. Well, we thought it was funny!

After the voting competitions ruckus came fake Twitter competitions and so in November we put together a guide to spotting fake Twitter comps. We also gave you our top tips for Advent competitions too!

December though was a quiet month Loquax wise as we battled with advent competition updates, snow and one of us moving house. That said we still had time to introduce another new feature that lets you remove Facebook/Twitter comps from your listings.

The above is also in addition to around 40,000 competition updates (average 100 a day – it may well be more but this is the conservative figure), several million emails (once a week to our opt in users), a couple of thousand tweets and retweets and one or two of our own giveaways too. 2010 was also our busiest year in terms of traffic!

There are other things missing too, such as the option to print off postal comp details, our Twitter account, Facebook page, the new rate/discuss comp sites section plus the other bits and bobs we do on site. We were a bit too busy to blog about those – oops! However, hopefully you can see just how hard we work on the site, improving it and trying to make it better.

As ever, we can’t do what we do without people visiting the site, supporting the site and helping us. The Loquax Team thank everyone who contributes to the site. Your help and support is truly appreciated. If you want to get involved then get involved with the forums – you can even add competitions if you like.

The online competition sector continues to change and grow. 2010 saw a number of new listing sites open and a number of new listing sites close. Twitter and Facebook brought about massive changes to comping and the community. We hope we’ve moved with the times, but without losing the important elements that make Loquax what Loquax is – our aim will be to continue to do that in 2011 – and we hope you’ll be joining us too.

We hope you all have a Happy New Year (especially if you read the whole blog).

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