Loquax Newsletter – June 2023


Loquax Newsletter – June 2023

It’s the start of a new month and being ultra-organised we’re actually getting out a monthly update too. By doing this we can use the post to highlight a couple of competitions we’ve spotted that might be worth checking out rather than just try and update you on what’s going on with Loquax. So without any long and unnecessary waffle let’s jump into it.

Swizzels Superfan Competition

Swizzels are celebrating their 95th Anniversary and as part of those celebrations they’re looking for a Superfan. The website asks things like “Is your dog called Drumstick named after our Drumstick Lolly? Do you always have Love Hearts themed nails? Do you have a Parma Violets tattoo?” so you get the idea. This is definitely one for those folks who love a bit of creativity or willing to do something slightly left field. Would you go and get a tattoo to enter a competition? To enter you need to send in your details and upload a photo or video. You can also post on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There will be nine weekly Swizzels Super Fans who will each receive an exclusive bundle of Swizzels merchandise and sweets. Entries will be judged on their creativity and flair. One overall Swizzels Super Fan winner will win a VIP Factory tour, £1000 and Swizzels merchandise and sweets. It’s not clear whether the winner will be selected from the nine or from other entries, but assuming the weekly winners represent the best of the best then it’d make sense that the overall winner comes from that group. You have until the 13th August 2023 to take part. To see the entries you may like to check out #SwizzelsSuperFan on socials.

Instagram Brands Should Avoid Giveaways

If you look at the make-up of most of our daily listings then Instagram tends to dominate as the platform of choice for brands running giveaways. Whilst this might be great news for compers according to Rocket Safari it might not be such a great idea. They say that offering prizes attracts people who are interested in winning prizes as opposed to interest in the brand or account. What happens is that people follow an account, don’t really interact, hardly see posts because they follow so many accounts and unfollow once the prize draw has concluded. To be fair that does apply to some compers. However comping does help introduce people to brands and social accounts they’d never not know about plus with liking and sharing compers can help spread the word pretty rapidly. Whether that’s what the account holder wants is another matter but we do see plenty of repeat giveaways so at least some brands are happy using Instagram as a prize draw mechanic. Interestingly Rocket Safari suggest “growth methods with minimal incentive to the followers” and then have a service you can buy if you’re that way inclined. We find social media a minefield when it comes to running accounts for Loquax. Ultimately we find our time is better spent doing other things rather than endlessly posting in the desperate attempt to get some interaction.

Disqualifications & Listing Sites!

One thing that really has ground our gears this week is an issue with respect to a site saying they’ll disqualify entries should they discover that the entrant has come from a competition listing service. We actually have written a blog on the subject and hopefully that explains things in a bit more detail. We did contact the company in question to get some answers but after one reply it looks like they’re avoiding us. The problem with this kind of issue is that compers then start to think other sites are disqualifying them and that using sites like Loquax is bad for their chances of winning. Naturally we would say it’s not a problem whilst others, perhaps because they have interest in seeing listing sites disappear, will say the opposite. The reality is none of us know for sure what happens with respect to selecting winners for pretty much most free prize draws, whether entry is via a website or social media. There’s no doubt that there are some sites that dislike compers and sites that share competitions, but there are plenty that do. Some promoters actively use Loquax to get their giveaways noticed. Ultimately it’s a frustration for all concerned but it’s easy to simplify. If you think using a listing site harms your chances of winning then it’s perhaps best not to use one. Do let us know how you get on prize wise though as we’d be genuinely interested to know.

Tropicana Cash Giveaway

There are plenty of purchase necessary prize draws and competitions listed on Loquax alongside the multitude of social media and other giveaways. One of the latest to join the list is from Tropicana who from the 5th June will be giving you the chance to win cash prizes. Spread over 14 weeks, this promotion will see 7 lucky winners win a £250 cash prize daily. All you have to do is enter your details each day to be in the daily draw. In addition you’ll need a barcode from a promotional pack and you will also need one itemised receipt per entry. This receipt must state the time and date of purchase, which must pre-date the entry date and time, but be within the relevant Promotional Period. No person may win more than one prize. Winners are selected at random from the day’s entries so there’s no winning moments element with this particular draw. As far as we can tell you don’t need to purchase one product per entry. This promotion ends on the 10th September 2023.

Win A £500,000 Property

For the final part of our June Newsletter we’re heading to the win a house and pay to enter draws department. We start off with Tramway Path who have launched another prize draw. This platform has been one of the most successful with respect to property prize draws having successfully completed everyone that they’ve started. This time round they’re offering a £500,000 cash prize that the winner can then use to purchase an apartment or home of their choice anywhere in The UK. This is a much more flexible option compared to the likes of Omaze or Raffle House. Tickets also cost just £5 but there is a no purchase necessary postal route should you wish to explore that option. Pay to enter prize draws do raise a few eyebrows in comping circles mainly because they’re unregulated and can become addictive in a similar vein to gambling. Good Life Competitions in some ways addresses some of these issues by being a subscription service. You may a one off monthly fee which then gets you entry into multiple prize draws. Prizes include spa breaks, iPhones, PS5 Consoles and cars. All draws are shown live and winners shown on site. The model does raise a few questions such as odds of winning (if there’s a lot of subscribers) and what happens if there aren’t enough subscribers (can they afford to run). Our review goes into the pros and cons of the site in a bit more detail.


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