Loquax On Your iPhone, Smart Phone or iPad

June 3rd, 2010

Last month saw the UK launch of the iPad and it’s arrival has helped breathe new life into something we started on Loquax almost two years ago. We set up iLoquax, a simple way to view the competition listing on the iPhone. It then got left to gather dust, or do whatever lost parts of websites do.

Loquax on iPhone

One of the reasons for this was it didn’t quite work. Firstly it wasn’t really integrated into the site and secondly comping via the iPhone (or any smartphone with a browser capability) isn’t that straightforward. You still need to visit the sites to enter even if Loquax looks lovely on your mobile.

The iPad is a different kettle of fish. It’s bigger and most sites are usable via the Safari browser. Of course you can still visit the main Loquax site as usual, but the i-version of the site is more useful if you’re mobile or just flicking through things. You don’t need a mobile to try it either. Just go to iLoquax and take a look.

What we’ve done is integrate the quacker tracker, so if you’re logged in you can see the competitions you’ve not entered and have entered. You can tweet competitions, Facebook them or even email them to yourself or a friend – ideal if you’ve not got time to enter, but want to pick some comps to do another time.

Loquax on iPhone

You can find new comps, closing comps, comps by prize and by closing date too. There’s also a facility to view all the competitions from one site. It’s not 100% perfect as there’s a few bugs here and there. The most annoying is that ducky doesn’t always change colour when you click to “track”. The database updates though so it’s working, but you need to reload for the changes to be seen by you.

For iPhone and smartphone users we don’t envisage you using iLoquax to enter competitions, but it’s a useful reference tool. You can see what’s new, what’s closing etc. We’ll be adding a mobile version of the forums as well so you can take Loquax with you in a more compact form. iPad and tablet users hopefully will embrace the system. It works like many apps do, but it’s browser based so there are no issues to deal with app store wise.

Feel free to take a look and let us know what you think. If you want ducky on your iPhone or iPad then just click the “+” to bookmark and then select “Add to Home Screen”. You’ll then get a yellow Loquax duck sitting on your screen which will give you a direct link to this version of the site.

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