Loquax Update – November 2023

Loquax Update

Loquax Update – November 2023

We don’t know about you but it feels like Loquax has been in it’s new home a lot longer than just two months. Hopefully by now everyone has settled in and are enjoying the new surroundings. What’s interesting for us is that the user numbers are steadily increasing. Of course there’s still plenty to do. There are bugs to be squished still and as we fix one it seems like others pop-up due to circumstances that we’d never have imagined during any kind of testing. Plus we’ve been prepping things for advent. Usually this is a simple process but this year, because we changed the forum, we’ve had to update the advent trackers too. Fingers crossed that everything works when we go live on 1st December. Just in case you missed it there’s a blog post about advents 2023 and our approach to them this year. In short we’ll be taking a slightly more chilled approach. This doesn’t mean there won’t be lists as there will but we won’t be burning the midnight oil in doing so.

Purchase Necessary Competitions

We often assume that everyone stumbles around Loquax and eventually finds everything that we offer. However there are areas of the site that you might not realise exists, especially if you’re a newbie or someone who just thinks we list comps from social media and websites. Purchase necessary competitions aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they can offer good prizes and may well be worth a look. At time of writing (November 2023) we have just over 80 different purchase necessary giveaways from the likes of Tesco, Lidl, Aunt Bessies, Trebor, Abbot Ale and Doritos. These are all sortable by sitename, prize category, closing date and date added to Loquax. As our tracker preferences also get in on the act any prize categories you might not want are excluded. One of the most recent additions is Aldi’s Win With Kevin competition. This runs until the end of December and requires you to purchase a pack of Holly Lane Deep Filled Mince Pies. They’re very nice by the way but do watch out as some packs aren’t flashed with the competition (at least not in our local store). There are 1,396 prizes including Aldi vouchers up to £5,200 to use in store waiting to be won. What we like about this promotion is that it’s festive and it’s for products a lot of people will be buying anyway.

Loquax Prize Draws

For a site that lists and promotes prize draws we’re absolutely terrible when it comes to giving our own giveaways coverage. Unfortunately we do have limited resources (i.e Jason & Kirsty) and that means forgetting to post on social media or even on our own listings. Anyway do make sure you enter especially if you’re a fan of low entry comps because our comps don’t get the “thousands and thousands” of entries that listing sites generate. Whilst we do use Rafflepress, a Gleam style app, for the draws there’s only one or two options where you can get extra entries daily. We may review how the draws function in the New Year – i.e. integrate them into the new structure – but for now they can stay as is whilst we have 1001 other things to do. But what can you win in Loquax’s Prize Draws? Well currently you can enter to win Rose Wine and Truffles, A Snoopy Light and a Bouquet of Chocolates. Now if you win you don’t have to accept the prizes offered as we’re happy to send you a voucher to a similar value. Winners of our draws are announced on the blog. You can see the latest winners on the blog but also by clicking on previous prize draw pages.

Comping For Christmas

As we mentioned in our September update there’s a growing Christmas Competitions section on Loquax. If luck was truly on your side you could have a complete comping Christmas because everything barring the kitchen sink can be found within the lists. At the moment advent calendars are very popular. Long gone are the days when you had a rubbish chocolate or even festive picture behind the doors of an advent calendar. Now it’s beauty products, beer, gin, Lego and a whole lot more. Fancy a new Christmas Tree? There are a couple of prize draws in the mix including one for a 7.5ft Tree from The White Company (ends 12/11). Food is a very popular prize throughout the year but during the festive season you’ll find a number of Christmas Hampers up for grabs. The definition of “hamper” does vary quite a bit from few cheese and biscuits through to the full works of drinks, cake and maybe even a turkey. After that there are of course plenty of gifts, goodies and toys that could be won. Our advice for anyone targeting comps as a way of getting goodies for Christmas is do them now (November). Don’t wait until the advents or a week or two before the 25th December as prize deliveries may not always arrive in time.

Recent Blog Posts

Finally since our last update we’ve added a couple of blog posts to Loquax. Firstly we covered our appoach to advent competitions 2023. In that blog we looked at stats from 2022 and discovered that our users preferred the traditional web based comps over those on social media. We also explained our approach to advents this year. A lot of pressure is placed on sites like Loquax to deliver huge lists at the start of December only for user numbers to drop dramatically after one or two days. That doesn’t work well for us so this year we’ll be taking things a little bit easier and we hope that helps you do the same! That said there are some pre-advent festive comps already running including the ever popular Whisky Santa. By sharing links via Master of Malt you have daily chances to win the product you’ve shared. Finally we’ve updated our finding low entry competitions blog. Listing sites like Loquax offer compers instant access to 100s of comps on social media, web, purchase, phone, sms, postcard, raffles etc. You can pay for that by subscribing to a magazine or you could get a snapshot of what we offer from a blog or other sites. Or you can get it all here for free plus have a way to track what you’re entering. Anyway check out the blog posts and let us know your thoughts by commenting.


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