Making Sense Of Loquax Forum Comp Listings

January 29th, 2013

Although we’ve been making regular posts to the forums about tweaks and changes we’ve made to the new forum competition listings – we haven’t really covered them here on the blog. With the main site’s closing soon pages due to end on 1st February we’ll cover briefly what you can do within the forum set up.

First up, remember these lists are posted by users for users – it’s up to you guys to jump in and get involved. We can tweak and code things but without the content it just won’t work.

New Competitions

The default for these are in time added order. However you can now sort them by ‘sitename’ (where given) and ‘prize category’. Use the dates shown on the pages to switch between comps added on particular days.

Closing Competitions

As the new lists but for comps ending soon. Again you can reorder them by ‘sitename’ (where given) and ‘prize category’. As under our previous systems you toggle between different dates by clicking on the links.

By Category

We’re unable to break down categories into 50 odd options, but we do have 15 or so ranging from books to transport. Just follow a link, for example Holiday Competitions and you’ll find the posts that are tagged.

Categories are new to the system, so not everything posted in January was tagged.

By Comp Type

By using icons we should be able to highlight comps that are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Rafflecopter and that are say Creative in nature. This is a new addition and something that we’ll develop over time.

Competition Tracking

To track your entries – look for the on the posts. Click it to “thank” the user – this also acts as a tracking system. When you reload any of the new, closing or category pages all comps you have ‘thanked’ (and therefore tracked) will not be shown.

It’s Now Over To You!

Hopefully the above gives you a better idea of the forum competition listing system – and just how easy we’ve tried to make finding things for you. We appreciate these changes will not for everyone, but our aim is to provide a useable set up for those who are happy to stay with Loquax.

We suggest everyone regularly looks at Latest Site Announcements as we post all the latest tweaks and news on there. You’ll also find out how to post competitions, how you can find them as well and how to get involved with the community.

Finally, if you see anyone on Facebook/Twitter/Anywhere else saying Loquax has closed – point them to this blog. We’re not closed, we were never closing! We had to evolve but out of that decision the community has also evolved.

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