New Year Resolutions For Compers!

January 3rd, 2009

Our last blog was about New Year Resolutions for 2009: Start a New Hobby but what about those of you who have already discovered the joys of comping? What resolutions should you be trying to keep during the coming 12 months?

We’ve already made one suggestion for you on the Loquax forums and that’s to help rate/review the sites that appear in our competition listings. We’ve suggested you resolve to rate/review at least one site a week for a year! Even with 100 users taking part that would help provide a good reference for other users (and hopefully encourage them to add their own views).

But what other resolutions could you have?

Amongst the suggestions from users, posting on Comping New Year Resolutions, are being better organised with your comping and trying to enter more competitions.

Being better organised could mean using your time more effectively or changing how you comp. For example many of you still enter using the closing soon listings. Yet, we always advise entering competitions as they’re “new” rather than when they’re closing (or near to closing soon).

We’re seeing more and more sites ending their promotions earlier, or at odd times, so if you enter via new competitions or latest competitions then there’s less chance of missing a chance to be in the prize draw.

You could also be better organised using our tracker systems – and remember they’re free to use and that leads us toanother resolution suggestion for you, especially if you subscribe to a comping service!

Ask yourself if you’re really getting value for money from the services you’re paying for! Some compers are happy to pay £40 a year to join some services – a bizarre decision when you actually don’t get anything better or more for your cash than you can find on free sites, including Loquax. It’s not for us to say they’re all bad, we just think (especially in the credit crunch times) you need to make sure you’re getting good value!

Comping used to be a solitary hobby, but it’s now a more communal pastime – so our final resolution suggestion for you is to join in more with the comping community. Sharing comps, stories, chatting and helping fellow Loquax users can (well sometimes) add a different dimension to your comping – remember that this is your community and the more you’re involved the more you get from it.

Have a Happy New Year!

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