Loquax News & Updates

As we no longer send out a newsletter to our users we like to use our blog to keep you up to date with what’s happening at Loquax. So in this section you’ll find the latest news from ‘Duck Towers’ (actually we don’t live in a tower and it’s not even Duck named). Do keep an eye on this section and the Loquax Forums so you don’t miss out on important announcements.

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Marmite Love Or Hate

Are You Marmites Biggest Hater?

Welcome to the latest Loquax Newsletter! First off a pat on the back for us as we remembered to actually write it before the month end. Again we’ve gone for a more ‘chatty’ style and

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Jacob Leeks Mogg Finishes Second

After a little bit of a summer break, we’re back with another exciting Loquax newsletter. As we did last time, and hopefully in the future, we’re going for a more newsy style email. If all

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Who Wins 100s Of Sweeps?

Who Wins 100s Of Sweepstakes?

Our newsletter is going to be a little bit different this month. We’re going to try and be a little less action and a bit more conversational. The thing is, if you receive our newsletter

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