Review The Competitions You’ve Quack Tracked

June 30th, 2010

Loquax has a number of competition trackers but the one that’s proven to be the most popular is our quacker tracker. That’s the little grey duck you’ll see next to just about every competition listing on the site. If, after you’ve entered the competition, you click the duck it’ll turn yellow and give you an indicator that you’ve done that competition.

Quack Stats

The duck colour will follow you around the site, no matter what section you go in to, and it will also go with you on the iLoquax mobile version of the site too.

Having done complicated trackers in the past we opted to keep the quacker tracker simple and also limit the options available to users. However, one request we kept getting was “can I see what I’ve entered?”.

The good news is – now you can!

Provided you click the and change it to we’ll keep a record for you. You can then review the competitions you’ve done on a day by day basis by clicking on the Quack Stats.

Quack Stats

This will show you a list of the sites you’ve entered that day, the competitions, time entered and when the competition closed. For now you can review your entries from the last two weeks. If you’d like more options or have further suggestions then as ever we’re happy to see what we can do.

Note that it will only show you sites where you’ve clicked the duck. If you’re using the Tracker v1 or v2 systems then they still have their own review your entry options. Don’t forget you can also use the duck on v1 and v2 and then review your own Quack Stats (you can see why we simplified things now lol).

We hope that you find this a useful addition to your comping with Loquax. Early comments on the forums have been good, which is great news. Developing new tools, which are always done in house by the way, is often time consuming so positive feedback from happy users is a fabulous reward.

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