Save Time & Be Smart – Mobile Comping With iLoquax

August 17th, 2012

It’s been almost four years now since we launched a mobile friendly version of Loquax – iLoquax. However, it’s not something we’ve really developed or pushed on you. In recent times though more and more people are turning to their tablets and smartphones for comping – and in turn looking for a mobile Loquax solution. The problem is that comping on a mobile (and to some extent a tablet) isn’t as easy as a laptop or PC.

With this in mind we’ve ummed and ahhed a lot about what we could do with iLoquax. If it’s not conducive to actually entering the competitions then that makes it kind of redundant for most users – unless of course we could come up with a useful function for it!

And then we had an idea!!

iLoquax Entry Screen iLoquax Competition List

Entering online competitions takes time, and if you’re busy you may not have to much time to scroll through the 100s of new comps each day. So what if you could peruse the updates – perhaps on your lunch break, on your journey home, in the park, waiting for the kids to come out of school, on holiday, watching TV etc – select the prizes you’d love to try and win and then be able to locate them quickly once you’re in front of a computer at a later date?

Now you can…

iLoquax v3 provides you with a mini-version of Loquax. You’ll find you can access competitions by closing date, prize type, site, and what’s just been added to the site. The tracker – both the duck “entered” and cross “ignore” options have been included plus there’s a new “save feature”.

The duck and cross are your standard tracking options on the main site – and what you do on your mobile will reflect on your listings when you visit the main site. For example if you cross out a competition, then it will appear faded out next time you visit us. The ducks and crosses also appear on the long iLoquax lists too – making it easier to see the comps you’ve already looked at (note that you may have to reload the long list pages to see any changes you’ve made on the mobile).

iLoquax Saved and Tracked iLoquax Competition Info

The big feature though is the “save” option – represented by the computer screen icon. Touch this to mark a competition that you want to have a look at when you come back to the main Loquax site. We’ll then save it for you – and a save will be indicated by a tick – on the information page and again on the listings! When you return to the main site visit Quack Saves (linked off the competition pages) as this will then list the comps that you’ve saved that day (and in previous days). You can then enter and track as usual.

iLoquax Saved Competition

Note that the Quack Saves page is the only place where we currently indicate that you’ve marked a saved competition via iLoquax. The save feature also is currently only available on iLoquax.

So why Use iLoquax?

It can save you time – a few minutes here and there marking off competitions you’d like to visit later or even cross off so they’re faded out – means you can concentrate on the things you’d love to win. We figure that people spend time perusing Twitter and Facebook on mobiles – so why not Loquax?

Is This A Loquax App?

It’s as close to a Loquax App as we have. As is iLoquax will work within your mobile or tablet browser (in fact any web browser). This allows us to tweak things a lot quicker – and also gauge whether this kind of thing is a useful tool.

Is iLoquax Free To Use?

Yes – it is free to use! The only thing you have to do is be registered with Loquax as you need to login to be able to use it.

I’m Using It And It’s Not Doing What It Should Be

In most cases, ducks/crosses/saves will change instantly when you touch them. However, if you shuffle back and forth to the listings then they may not have changed. Just reload and all should be fine. If you do spot a bug then let us know – we’ve tested this on iPhones and iPads only.

I Have An Idea!

Then do let us know – this is a tool for compers to make comping through Loquax a little easier. It may be that it’s incredibly nuts and no one will use it. On the other hand it may be the greatest thing to happen to comping and with your input we’re happy to develop things further.

How Do I Add An iLoquax Icon To My iPhone

In your phone browser go to iLoquax. Click the centre arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Click the button that says “Add to Home Screen” and then click “Add” (top right) to get a nice ducky on a black background icon on your iPhone.

Hopefully this gives a brief-ish introduction to iLoquax. Please take a look and do give the “save” feature a try… as ever your feedback is welcome.

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