Simple Closing Competition Listings So You Can See What You’ve Entered and Not Entered

July 7th, 2010

Last month we introduced a new option to review the competitions entered on a daily basis, provided you’re using our quacker tracker. We were then asked could we provide a way of showing you the competitions not entered.

The good news is “yes we can” and not only that we can give you a simple (pretty much as simple as it gets) listing format at the same time. All our competition listings, no matter how you view Loquax (other than iLoquax), are pretty much the same.

Some people say the above is “confusing”. We’re not sure why as all the important information is in front of you plus there’s review options and sometimes links to Facebook and Twitter pages. The competition is linked in two places and we include an added date (top right) and closing date. The blurb is to give you as much detail about the competition as possible.

Anyway, if you think that’s “complicated” then we have a solution:

To see this listing, which we’ve had as an option for sometime, and now with the addition of our quacker tracker also quickly review what you have and haven’t entered, then here’s how to do it!

1. Go to Closing Today (quick list format – see here)
2. From the dropdown box called “Display Options” select “Slimline List (Quick Review)
3. Click “GO”
4. You should see a list like above indicating grey/yellow ducks accordingly

Provided you’re using the quacker tracker (click the duck after you’ve entered a competition) then the comps you’ve entered will be yellow, whilst any you’ve missed (or not chosen to enter) will be grey. It’s a nice and quick way to scan down competitions that are closing.

This will work for all closing dates listing on the closing soon section. It provides a quick way for you to get to the competitions, a nice easy format (we can’t make it simpler than this) and a simple way to review what you’ve missed provided you’re using our quacker tracker.

Perhaps the many options Loquax offers to compers, from trackers to offline competitions, is one of the reasons why some people label us “complicated”? However, by focusing on the “quick comps” and “quacker tracker” format we’ve simplified things across the whole site and have added many useful tools that you can opt to use or not.

If you’re unsure of what to do or still remain “confused” by Loquax then please do drop us a line. We will then try and offer you some advice on how to get the most out of the site.

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