So Where Is My Loquax Newsletter?

October 7th, 2011

Ducks are often known for appearing to float serenely on the surface whilst kicking furiously underwater – and that’s probably a good description of what’s been going on at Loquax over the last few weeks. Eagle eyed duck fans will have noticed the absence of our newsletter in their email inbox lately.

Splashing Duck

Knowing the way ISPs work with legitimate newsletters it probably means around 10 of you have missed it – and 2 of them work for the other side – lol!! The initial reason for no newsletter was holidays – and it was during that time that things started to go badly wrong. One of our servers had a major problem and the solution to that problem was to wipe the server and reinstall everything from scratch.

During that time our emails were out of action, Kirsty and our ISP worked frantically to sort the server out whilst Jason – who should have been sat by the pool and getting some sun – was instead updating competitions. Joy!

The good news was that the reinstall went well, but the bad news was that the antiquated newsletter system we used needed to be replaced. Actually that’s good news because it wasn’t really that good! We guess every cloud has a silver lining, but this particular cloud could have picked a more opportune time to appear.

Finally the newsletter is back…

Today we’ve sent out our latest newsletter. Hopefully it reaches you. If there are any problems then we do apologise in advance. Delivery of the emails is being staged by the way, so don’t panic if you’ve not had an email just yet – if nothing turns up by the 9th October and you think you’re subscribed then let us know.

If you’ve recently tried to unsubscribe from our newsletter and have received it – again our apologies. Just click the link on our current newsletter or go here and we’ll make sure you’re off the lists.

If you do get the newsletter and you spot anything strange with the way it looks or renders do let us know. Our new mailing system should be a lot better and allow us to do be a bit more “modern” than our last incarnation. It will also mean users won’t get the annoying ezmlm emails from us.

Fingers crossed that all has worked well, and we’re hoping for a less stressful time.

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