The Annual Advent Competitions Blog Update

November 28th, 2013

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As is traditional for this time of year we like to put out a blog about advent competitions. In the past The Loquax Team would have already started prepping for advent including fueling up on coffee and chocolate to get them through a hectic few days of searching, finding, checking and listing advents… however this year it’s a little bit different as the site’s evolution from our announcement back in January continues.

Firstly it’s been said that Loquax is closed – it isn’t! Secondly it’s been said that advents aren’t being listed – they are! And thirdly it’s been said that a forum system will be too unwieldy, complicated and impossible to use with advents…. oh boy are you in for a surprise….

For Users By Users

This year advent competitions will be posted by users for users in the Advent Forum. If you spot an advent please share it with your fellow users by posting the link and completing the form with tags/icons etc so that it can be filtered accordingly. Now we realise that using a forum to enter a lot of daily competitions is going to be a pain… so we devised a cunning plan.

We take the advent forum posts, rejig them a bit and give you a direct link, tracking options and ignore options – exactly the same as we have had in previous years (and just to blow our own trumpet a tad, we were the first site to offer it – always blazing the trail eh!). If last year was anything to go by then they’ll be a load of Facebook comps and sundry extras from blogs, twitter etc – so how about if we split them up to make it easier for you to choose what you want to do? Ok we’ll do that as well.

Again pages specifically listing FB, Twitter, Blog and Rafflecopter advents will have direct links and tracking. The tracking works as before – click the duck and you’ve marked as entered, when the next day comes it will default back to grey so that you know to enter again. The cross will blank out a comp so you know to ignore it for the rest of advent!

The advent lists are all automated – we don’t need someone creating lists. It just needs you to post and populate the site!

So Where Are The Links

The important links are as follows… and all can be sorted alphabetically or by closing date.

  • Web Advent Comps
  • Facebook Advents
  • Twitter Advents
  • Rafflecopter Advents
  • Blog Advents

    You’ll find everything else going on in the Advent Forum for comps but we also have another section for chat and help.

    How Many Advents On Loquax?

    Other sites and services are already bleating on about their epic lists, best lists, comprehensive lists etc.. but we’ve no idea how many advents will be listed on the site this year. One things for sure is that it will be checked and borrowed from as in previous years (ooh controversial… but true). Anyway, Loquax Competitions is now a community effort, so it’s success – not just for advent, but onwards into 2014 – depends on people getting involved. There’s no reason why it can’t work and be a definitive list for everyone to use.

    One final point… considering we’re almost a year down the line since things changed, the fact that advent is even on the agenda is because of the many users who have decided they want to keep comping with Loquax. Big kudos to all involved. As a thank you to them we have brought back our own Loquax Advent Competition – entry is restricted to users who have contributed to Loquax during the last year.

    Have an enjoyable advent comping season, remember it’s fun and do save time to be festive.

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