12 Things Loquax Does That You Might Not Know About!

January 6th, 2011

One of the things we’re not very good at, here at Loquax, is getting across what’s on offer to users of the site. It still surprises us when people say “I didn’t know there was a forum”, despite having used Loquax for many years. Some people also aren’t aware why we have grey ducks sat next to the competitions and more recently a few extra people discovered our Quack Stats.

Now, we do try and mention all these lovely options and new things in our newsletter, on the blog, via Twitter and via Facebook – but perhaps we need to shout out a bit more. So here goes a quick look at a few things Loquax does that you might not know about.

1. The Quacker Tracker
Next to each competition you should see a grey duck. If you don’t see ducks you’re either not logged in OR you need to logout, go to our homepage, login from there but keep the “remember me” box ticked. Once you have ducks you’re in business to track your entries.

After you’ve visited a competition site listed on Loquax and entered, click duckie and he’ll turn yellow – as an indicator to you that you’ve entered. If the duck is gray then you haven’t entered (or need to go and enter again as the competition has updated and you can make another entry).

2. Quack Stats
If you’re using the quacker tracker then you can access your own Quack Stats. These let you know which comps you’ve entered in the recent days and you can even print off a simplified versio. It’s all for fun, but a nice addition if you like keeping records of your entries!

3. We Have a Forum
OK, hopefully most of you know about the forum! There are some rules about posting, but they’re there for some very sensible reasons (ask and we’ll explain, although it’s mentioned on site). You can chat with other compers locally and around The UK, get help/advice, run your own comps and even find offline/postal comps (with print off options too).

4. We Have Lots of Options
We know some of you don’t like bingo, Facebook comps and/or Twitter comps – and we can give you the choice of whether you see them or not. You can also change the colour of Loquax, the width of the site if needed and how our Prize Directory listings are shown to you. All the options can be changed in Edit Options.

5. We Have a Blog
You should know this already as you’re reading it!

6. We’re a Wee Bit Social
Loquax does have accounts on Twitter (@loquax) and Facebook. We don’t tweet/post every competition listed on the site nor use it as a feed (although to be fair FB is a little bit like that), but we do use it to mention some good comps and let you know what we’re up to! You’re more than welcome to follow!

7. Updates Go On Daily
We work hard keeping Loquax up to date and you’ll find the latest competitions under Latest Updates. Competitions do get added 365 days a year – and even on Christmas Day we made sure a few comps got included and fixed.

8. You Can Discuss/Comment on Sites Listed
During 2010 we made changes to our site rating/review system and integrated it into the forum. Each listing is linked up to it’s related thread on the forum meaning you can post comments (good or bad) about the sites we feature.

9. You Can See What’s Pending
We have an option on Loquax that lets you see competitions that have been sent in to Loquax but which haven’t been checked out. Just go to pending competitions. Ideal if you’ve run out of comps to enter!

10. And You Can See What’s Just Closed
Some of you asked in 2010 how you could help out with Loquax… well we created the recently closed section on the site so that you can see those sites that we’ve not got round to updating yet. A good way to help out!

11. We Have an Archive
Yep, we have a fully functional and searchable archive. Ideal for those of you who are looking to find out who sent those mystery wins that occasionally show up.

12. And There’s Loquax Bingo
In 2010 our Loquax Bingo site had a makeover (and we forgot to mention it on our review – oops). It’s part of our bingo operations which includes five other sites. And yes we do all this as well as keeping you up to date with competitions!

And there’s probably more, but for now that’s a nice overview of just some of the things you might not have realised. Next week we’ll be having a quiz and testing you all on your Loquax knowledge (this was written in jest, but actually that might not be a bad idea for the future!).

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