Top Tips For Advent Competitions 2019

Advent Competitions

Top Tips For Advent Competitions 2019

We’re just a couple of days away from the most wonderful time of the comping year. Advents are here again and that means from 1st December we’ll be counting down to Christmas with hundreds and hundreds of daily competitions. All you need can be found on our Advent 2019 section. As usual our free tracker service is available to help you keep tabs on the comps you like and ignore the ones you don’t. Our filters are also in place so this should help you manage things.

Top Tips For Advent

Advents can be an exciting time but it’s worth getting yourself prepared. The biggest piece of advice we can give is not to over indulge. They can be time consuming so be selective with your entries and don’t pass over on enjoying the festive season by chasing every prize that’s on offer. Be wary too of entering Facebook competitions en-masse. Last year many compers picked up bans by triggering FBs sensitive spam bots. Pace yourself, be choosy and do comps on other platforms (e.g. Instagram or Twitter) so that you don’t run into trouble. If you do get a ban, don’t worry as a lot of social media comps do also run across the other platforms.

Slow Building Lists

Don’t expect to see every advent listed just after midnight on the 1st December. The lists are slowly building but they will get longer over the first few days of the month. Also don’t expect every competition to be live as Advent kicks off. Not everything goes to plan – just move on and try another.
We also need your help with posting advents so if you have a chance then please share. A big thanks to all those who have contributed so far. Of course we understand not everyone can contribute by sharing, however everyone can contribute by reporting link issues, closing date errors and other problems. So share the load this advent and please try and make the advents a real Loquax community effort.

A Turkey For Christmas (2020)

Don’t you just hate those competitions where you win seasonal prizes after the event? With that in mind we’re giving you the chance to win a turkey in our Loquax Prize Draws – for after Christmas. Now this isn’t a bootiful kind of turkey (others are available) but one that you can heat up to keep you warm. Place the sunglasses and fez wearing turkey it in the microwave and give it a cuddle. Perfect for the winter. Other prizes on offer include Christmas personalised socks and Christmas Gin. These close on the 8th and 1st December respectively so the prizes should reach the winners before Santa shows up. We also have a further three giveaways and in those you can win a Lambswool Scarf, Chocolate Pizza and a Floating LED Speaker.

I’m A Celebrity…

You know Christmas is on its way when I’m A Celebrity is on the TV. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure and this series has once again sucked us in. Are you watching? And who do you think will win? We had thought Roman Kemp might be a good bet, but Nadine is doing well. Kirk from Corrie does seem to be favourite amongst Loquax users though. Anyway, did you know that there’s a chance to win a Land Rover Discovery with the sponsors of the show? Find out more by visiting the news section on Loquax. The good news is that you don’t need to deposit to take part. Check out the rest of the news to find similar promotions including a newly launch festive prize draw and the chance to win £100,000 if you’re good at sports predictions.

Thanks & Congrats

So that’s it for this month. Good luck with the advent and festive competitions. If you are a lucky winner then don’t forget to let us and your fellow Loquats know. Just head to The Winners Post and leave a message. As ever we’d like to thank everyone who is part of the Loquax Community. We’d also like to say “hello” to any newbies who have joined plus a “welcome back” to those who have returned. It’s actually quite nice to know that people still return to our site – sometimes after years away – and are happy to do their comping with us.


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