Track Your Competition Entries with Our New Competition Tracker

April 6th, 2009

One of the most requested features for Loquax has been a way to track individual competitions using the on-site competitions trackers (both v1 and v2). We’re therefore pleased to say that this feature is now available, and even better all users can take advantage of our brand new “quacker tracker”! You can now keep tabs of the competitions you’re entering using any of the listing formats or sections on Loquax.

This means that if you’re happy with our original A to Z, Tracker v2 or Quick Comps Listings you can use our new system. It’s perfectly free and it also crosses from one section to another so you’ll always have an indicator of whether you’ve told us you’ve entered a specific competition.

The system is also incredibly simple to use (yes Loquax and simple – we’ve finally done it)!

On every competition listing you’ll notice a grey looking duck

New Competition Tracker

You must visit the site and enter the competition! When you’ve done that and are happy, click the little duck and he’ll turn yellow – this is your personal indicator that you’ve entered that prize draw. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, click the “quacker tracker” again and he’ll go grey again.

New Competition Tracker

If you use a variety of listing options on Loquax then the quacker tracker works on all of them. For example this is the same Wynsors competition under v2. Note that the duck is now yellow – a reminder that you’ve already the competition.

New Competition Tracker

It really is as simple as that to use. Everything else on the site remains and works exactly the same, so for example you can carry on using Tracker v2 as before or you can completely ignore the “quacker tracker”. The choice is yours!

We think this is a massive improvement to the Loquax site and hope that you’ll enjoy this fantastic new feature. More details and discussion regarding the new tracking option can be found on the Loquax Forums.

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