Use Our Quack Stats To Record Your Comping

September 11th, 2012

We’re often amazed at the lengths some compers go to to maintain records of their competition entries. Some people just don’t care about stats, what they entered, when they did a comp or the prizes they’ve entred for… however some are meticulous with their record keeping and log anything and everything.

What you might not know is that by using Loquax’s Quacker Tracker you have a ready made log system. When you click the duck (turning it from grey to yellow to indicate you’ve entered) we log that for you. You can then review your comping activity, including any daily entries you’ve done via our Quack Stats Page. This gives you a full list of the comps you’ve tracked and indicates time, site and prize – as well as a closing date.

Knowing that some of you like records we included a “print version” of the Quack Stats. This allows you to just click on the link and print off the list – a comping record without having to do anything other than click and print – easy eh?

But it’s a time of saving paper and doing everything digitally – so today we’re pleased to be able to offer you a Excel download option for your Quack Stats. Just click the link, save the file and open in Excel (or equivalent) to get your list of entries. If you’re a wizard with spreadsheets you can then figure out best you’d like to sort the data.

Also, here’s a little tip for you – if you go to our Quack Stats page you will see a number of dates listed. Officially you can look back over about three weeks of comping stats. To go back a little further just change the date as indicated below) at the end of the link.

Of course if you use multiple competition resources then that may mean you need to do a bit of your own tweaking, but at least if you’re using Loquax you know your record keeping has some automation. Hopefully it saves you time!

Mind you, if you are using multiple resources because we don’t have enough to keep you busy here at Loquax then you could aways join the community and contribute comps – everyone is welcome to do that.

Users/promoters/siteowners and brands are welcome to add competitions to Loquax plus don’t forget to drop in and chat with other compers on the community forums. We can provide you with the tools and cool stuff to make comping easier, but we do need you, the compers, to get involved with the site and forums.

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