Why We’re Fading Out Competitions On Loquax

November 30th, 2011

One of the things we like to do on Loquax is evolve the site. We’ve listened to user feedback and after a bit of discussion between myself and Kirsty we concluded that it was time to start fading out competitions on Loquax. We’ve been updating the site for almost 14 years now and felt that it was time to make some changes….

Currently when you track competitions on the site you (or at least most of you) click the grey duck icon and turn him yellow. It’s a nice little reference to indicate you’ve been to a site and entered the competition. However, for some it’s perhaps not totally clear what you’ve entered and what you haven’t!

So here’s what happens now….


Above is our competition listing – note nothing has changed. You click the duck as usual to indicate you’ve entered! Now usually all that happens is the duck changes colour… but this is what happens now:


And there you go… the duck turns yellow and the text fades away. Leaving the competitions you haven’t entered in focus and much easier to spot. To bring it back to life, click the duck again and it’ll become grey and the information becomes bold again.

This is change is currently on the Latest Competitions listings – note you may need to refresh your browsers in cases our CSS files have cached. We’ll be updating other parts of the site in due course.

We think this will make using Loquax even easier! You can look through the lists of competitions and quickly spot those that you have left to do versus those you’ve already done.

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