Your Loquax Questions Answered…

May 30th, 2012

Every now and then we look through our logs and spot questions about Loquax that people are trying to find answers for. We think we probably need to do a better search system on the site as a lot of the answers are around – plus of course you’re more than welcome to pop a question on the forum and we’ll do our best to answer it for you. Anyway, here’s a few of your questions answered….

1. What Is The Duck & Red Cross For On Loquax?

On each competition listing you should see a grey duck and a red cross. If you don’t see one or both see question two! The grey duck is our competition tracking system – the quacker tracker. When you’ve entered a competition click the duck, he’ll turn yellow and the information will fade. This indicates you’ve done that competition. The red cross acts in a similar way, but removes the competition from view because you don’t wish to see it. See this blog for more details.

2. My Ducks Have Gone!

Sometimes the pesky ducks disappear – we’re not entirely sure why – but they do! To get them back is very easy. Logout, go to, login again but leave the auto-login check box ticked. Your ducks will reappear and all will be well.

3. How Can I See What I’ve Entered?

If you look down the left side of the “competitions” section you should see a link called “Quack Stats. You can review the comps you’ve “ducked” in the last 14 days plus any that you’ve crossed out. There’s also a print out option so you can maintain records. The stats page is a good place to check that you’re using the tracker correctly too – if there are problems let us know!

4. Where Are The Answers?

We’re not a solutionist service and have no intention of being one – so answers are not given on the listings. Sorry! We know this costs us users who think that this is a bad thing but we think that most competitions are easy to enter or answers are just a Google away. More complicated competitions can be discussed on the forum.

5. I Want To Win A … Where Are The Competitions?

We’ve tried to make finding competitions by prize relatively easy! You can either use the search facility or look for the Prize Directory. There’s about 40-50 categories there – from Adult Prizes to Worldwide Holidays.

6. I Want To Enter A … Where Are The Competitions?

Likewise, we’ve made finding competitions by type relatively easy. The link you need to look for will be “Type of Comps” or “Search by Comps” (we really need to uniform that). This page lets you find comps such as Tiebreakers, Captions, Creative and Facebook entries. Note we need to make some adaptions due to ever increasing number of FB comps!

7. ITV Competitions, Chat Competitons, Take A Break Competitions Etc

First off, yes these competitions do appear on Loquax – thanks to some of our lovely users! You can find a nice bunch of offline, TV and magazine based competitions on the forums. If you use the section then remember it’s nice to share so do get involved if you can posting a few comps.

8. Is Loquax Legit?

We still get this and still wonder why! We don’t run the competitions – just link to them! Yes it’s free to use and no we don’t sell your details. We don’t flog magazines and nor do try and sign you up for life for a one off fee and annual admin charges. Find out more with this blog.

9. What Is Loquax?

Loquax is just a random name we plucked out of a Latin dictionary many years ago. We think it should be said Lo-qua as opposed to Lo-quacks, but we prefer the latter and we like having a duck in the logo.

10. I Have A Question….

If you have a question about Loquax that you’d like to see answered on the blog then just contact us by email, the forums, DM on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll do our best to include it in the next round up.

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