Voting Competitions

Voting Competitions have come to the fore online due to the fact that they’re not infallible to cheating. People can buy votes and swap votes whilst oblivious promoters get thrilled by the levels of interaction. However, voting competitions leave a bitter taste for many people and our blogs highlight just some of the current issues.

Flip Video UK have decided to suspend voting in their Share Your Summer with Flip competition. The competition, which was due to conclude today, has been shrouded in controversy due to concerns over the voting process (Flipping Eck! Vote Competition Controversy hits Flip Video). The company left the following on their Facebook Page As you […]

Yet another competition is embroiled in voting controversy over on Facebook! Over the summer Flip Video UK have been running a competition with a £3000 prize on offer. The competition has been in four stages. Step 1 was answer a few questions. Step 2 required votes. Step 3 reduced entrants down to the 20 who […]

When internet competitions first started to take off one of the entry methods employed by promoters was refer a friend. “Tell as many friends as you can” was the requirement and whoever had the most mates usually won. The fact that these competitions quickly became “spam a friend” tells their own story. Fast forward to […]