Loquax's Top Tips For Compers!

We all like the idea of winning something for free - for a few minutes effort of sending in an email you could win a holiday, car or cash prize! Away from the thrill of winning, comping is also a sociable hobby - visit our forums or join a local comping club and meet like minded compers.

Online comping is also fun. By entering competitions you get to visit a whole range of websites, and this is a great way to surf the net and learn new things! Here's our top competition tips - we can't guarantee prizes but we think you'll enjoy comping more!

1. Be Selective!

Some sites will tell you "enter everything" - we think this is bad advice. Our view is enter competitions for the prizes you'd like to win. There's a lot of competitions around (both online and postal) so you can be selective.

2. Don't Ignore The Smaller Prizes

Thousands of people enter competitions, but don't let that put you off! The bigger the prize often means the more entries. Competitions for smaller prizes such as CDs and DVDs attract low entry levels, so your chances of winning can be quite high!

3. Don't Get Disqualified

Many compers fail at the first hurdle by not reading the rules or getting questions wrong. Make sure you don't get disqualified! Read the competition information, check your answers, complete your details and make sure you've read the rules. You can't win if you're not in the draw.

4. Be Positive!

Our research suggests that the number of entrants for most competitions is often between 500 to 5000 - so the chances of winning a prize are still reasonably quite good. Of course the bigger the prize (e.g. a car) or website (e.g. The Sun) the more people will enter. The harder the competition to enter (e.g. Video & Creative comps) the lower the number of entries. What ever you do, don't ever think you won't enter a competition because you have no chance of winning. You do!

5. Don't Worry If You Don't Win

If you don't enter competitions - you won't win! If you do, then you have a chance of winning. Be positive, perservere, and take encouragement from the fact that people do win competitions.

6. Enjoy Other People's Wins

Strange as it may seem you can get enjoyment and encouragement from other people's wins! There are some fantastic stories on Loquax and a lot of inspriration from real people. You can see who's having a good month with our top winners - perhaps you'll be on there next?

7. Don't Try And Do It All!

With the arrival of Facebook and Twitter comping has changed dramatically. If you don't have time to do everything then don't worry. Do what you can. Comping isn't a race to enter as many competitions as humanly possible!

8. Enjoy Your Comping - It's Meant To Be Fun

The key, in our opinion, to comping is simply to enjoy it! It's a great hobby with the added bonus of the chance of winning some exciting prizes. If you participate on our forums and chat with other compers you can also enjoy friendship and chat too.

Got a question about comping? Find out if it's been answered in our Competitions FAQ!

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