Twitter Competitions

If you like your comping a little bit fast and furious then Twitter offers just that. It's the ideal platform to find plenty of short notice and short term giveaways, especially on #winitwednesday and #freebiefriday. On the downside these comps tend to run during working hours (9am to 5pm) and if you're not online then you can miss out.

Twitter as a platform can be bit of a pain and we find that promoters will look towards Facebook for ease of use and ability to track entries. That said there are numerous giveaways on a daily basis and prizes have included cars, holidays and flights.

Twitter Competitions

Twitter comping comes with a lot of unofficial compers rules such as not tweeting retweets. You may also find that cheating is a little bit more rife with respect to automated bots. Our advice is just be mindful. Since it's inception, Twitter has made it easier to retweet the original post as opposed to someone elses.

Latest Twitter Competitions!

Please note that competitions are now posted by users for users in the comping community forums on Loquax. You need to be registered to access!

Entering Twitter Competitions

If you want some more help and advice about using Twitter then take a look at our comper's guide to Twitter competitions.

Finding Twitter competitions to enter is easy. Firstly there are plenty added to Loquax and with embedded Tweets it's actually easy to enter plenty of 'follow and RT' comps from the luxury of the forum. Beyond that it's pretty much a case of seek out other compers as well as looking for #competition and #prize hashtags.

One thing to note is that a lot of brands, especially bloggers, offer extra entries via Rafflecopter and Gleam comps to users who Tweet out links etc. Just be wary of what you're RTing - i.e. that it's a chance to win rather than a post telling followers about a giveaway.

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