Balls Out Competitions Review - Closed

Balls Out was an online football competition that gives you the opportunity to play 'spot the ball' for a variety of exciting prizes, ranging from cars, watches, experiences and cash bundles. Play from just 25p a ticket. The site closed in 2020.

Company: Balls Out

When Was Balls Out Competitions Launched: 2020

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Cash, Lifestyle Prizes

Can You Enter For Free: No

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Balls Out Competitions

Hoping to emulate the success of BOTB is a new spot the ball competition called Balls Out. This new site has emplyed the services of a number of footballers to give their brand's profile a boost. Ossie Ardiles, Terry Butcher, Lee Hendrie and Steve McManaman are amongst the names that are highlighted on the Balls Out social media pages. These legends will be part of the judging team.

How To Enter Balls Out Competitions

Playing Balls Out is really easy. You do need to be registered and this can be using your email address, Google or Facebook. Note that you must be over 18 to play. Once you've logged in you then need to decide which prize you'd like to play for. There are a number of different options including six different value cash prizes, nine different vehicles, ten experience days and a variety of watch/tech prizes. The entry price varies from prize to prize. The cheapest ticket will cost you 25p for the 1000 cash prize.

When you've selected your you can then add the number of entries you'd like to make. There are discounts for making more entries. For example with the 1000 cash prize you'll pay just 20p per entry if you decide to purchase 10 or more entries. The maximum of number entries per player per competition is 155. Your final task is to spot the ball. Using your skill and judgement place the marker on the image where you think the centre of the ball will be according to the judges. When you're happy with your selections you need to checkout and complete the entry.

Win A Car

At the end of the competition a panel of judges will decide where they think the centre of the ball is in the image. The player who's selection is closest to that chosen by the judges will win. Runners up - players who are close to the winning point - may be awarded bonus credit. All the details are given on the website and it is worth familiarising yourself with them. For example Balls Out may reduce "the cash value of prizes if insufficient tickets are sold to cover the costs of the prizes"!

Whilst the cheapest ticket is 25p and could win you a cash prize, what about if you want to win a car. Well this is where Balls Out gets expensive. The cheapest ticket is 5 and for that you can win either a Suzuki Jimny SZ5 Auto, Suzuki Swift Sport or Ford Fiesta ST. If you're feeling flush then you could instead spend 50 for the chance to win a Jaguar F-Type V6S Cabrio. In comparison you could play to win the cheapest cars at for between 85p and 1. For 4.65 you could win a Jaguar F-Type R Coupe at BOTB!

Our Verdict

Balls Out has launched with a bit of a fanfare. The use of football legends like McManaman, Ardiles and Butcher should help raise it's profile, especially around the relaunch of The Premier League (June 2020). The site itself is easy to use and well designed. At time of writing there was only one winner and the details of the judging process are transparent. In short Balls Out is doing everything that has done to date.

This is no bad thing as leads the way when it comes to spot the ball. But because they do there's going to be obvious comparisons and the big one is price point. If you have 50 to spend then why purchase one entry at Balls Out when you can get 10 at BOTB. Spot the ball comes down to skill and judgement so it makes sense to maximise your money to get the most entries. The other prizes on Balls Out are better priced but again BOTB is cheaper in almost every department.

Balls Out Competitions Discussion

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