Do People Win Houses In House Raffles

Despite the numerous few house prize competitions that have launched since 2009 very few have actually reached their desired conclusion of awarding a home as a prize. In fact up to 2020 we've tracked just a handful of raffles that awarded a property prize. These include Oldborough Retreat which was the first successful UK property competition and Dunstan Low's Win A Country House which revitalised home competitions in 2017. 2020 however has been the year for house winners with numerous competitions creating new property winners. The winners list has been boosted by a number of competitions, including Raffle House 2 and Draw A House, guaranteeing that they will create home winners.

First Successful Win A House Competition: Oldborough Retreat (Win A Devon Property With Fishing) - May 2009

Most Expensive Property Won - Melling Manor worth 845,000 - August 2017

Quickest Completed Competition - Grafton Farmhouse - April to May 2020

10 Successful Home Competitions - Since 2017

Win Your Dream

Shanique Davis (£2.00) - Closed: 16th September 2020

The people behind the successful Win A Country Home that saw Shrubbery Farm being won by Jemma Nicklin are back with a third competition. This time they're helping promote Win Your Dream which gives you the chance to become the owner a beautiful 4-bed cottage in Sedgley for just 2 a ticket.

Raffall Win A House & Car

Rachael Brown (£2.00) - Closed: 6th September 2020

A second win a house competition has launched on Raffall. This time you have the chance to win a 5 bedroomed semi-detached property in Salford. The winner of the competition - if it reaches completion - will also win a BMW 320D. Tickets cost 2 each and 200,000 need to be sold.

County Durham House & Car

Courtney Morgan (£1.00) - Closed: 4th September 2020

For just 1 you could win a 3 storey Victorian terrace house located in County Durham. The property prize also comes with a 2017 registered top of the range BMW X3 M Sport. Unsurprisingly this is another competition on the Raffall platform.

Raffle House 2

Niomi Boontam from Bournemouth (£10.00) - Closed: 31st July 2020

Following their first attempt to create a win a house winner, Raffle House are trying again. A 10 ticket could win you a 500,000 property in Whitechapel or a cash prize if insufficient tickets are sold. This property is now guaranteed to be won along with a Range Rover Discovery Sport.

Raffall Win A House

Claire Reynolds from Wakefield (£1.00) - Closed: 19th July 2020

Here's your chance to a four bedroom detached property in Yorkshire complete with a 2017 Volvo XC90 Hybrid - all for just 1. As far as we know this is the first property prize on the Raffall platform. 400,000 tickets need to be sold.

Win Grafton Farmhouse

Alison Bellamy from Telford (£2.00) - Closed: 31st May 2020

Grafton Farmhouse is the prize on offer in this Win My Dream Home competition. For just 2 you could potentially become the owner of a stunning six bedroom farmhouse, set on approx 3 acres of land.

Tramway Path

Rachel Brown (Hampshire) (£2.00) - Closed: 31st May 2020

This is your chance to win a newly refurbished 3 bedroom house based in London. The owner aims to sell around 200,000 tickets. If insufficient tickets are sold then a cash prize will be awarded.

Win A Country Home

Jemma Nicklin (£2.00) - Closed: 10th February 2020

The first win a house of 2020 offers you the chance to win Shrubbery Farm in Shrewsbury. For just 2 a ticket you could own a beautiful property in the heart of the English countryside.

Win A Feckin House

Vicky Hanratty from Drogheda (£100.00) - Closed: 1st December 2018

The prize for this competition is a 4 bedroom semi-detached house in Castle Park, Termonfeckin worth over 280,000 in the Republic of Ireland. Tickets cost 100 and 8000 tickets are available.

Win A Country House

Marie Seager from Warrington (£2.00) - Closed: 1st August 2017

Launched in 2017, this was your chance to win a six-bedroomed Melling Manor near Kirkby Lonsdale, valued at over 800,000. Marie Seager from Warrington was announced as the winner in August 2017

When other home competitions close but don't sell enough tickets they usually create a cash prize winner. The results of these competitions can be found in the closed competitions section.