2 Bed Village Home - Cash Winner

A two bedroom property in the Rushcliffe area of Nottinghamshire is the first competition on a new platform called Raffique. Tickets cost 10 each. Donations will also be made to Nottinghamshire Blood Bikes and Project Trust.

Winner: Catherine Ohier

Launched: 25th April 2021 Closed: 8th June 2021

Platform: Raffique

Location: Rushcliffe, NG13 8HF

House Value: £170000 (2 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £10.00

Tickets Sold: 123 Revenue: £1230 (Estimated)

Cash Alternative: 90% of ticket sales


Raffique are the latest platform to try their hand at property competitions. Unlike other sites this one does have a bit of credential because it's from the people who tried to giveaway Nottingham Detached Cottage via Raffall. They've decided to take on Raffall and create their own site where people can run their own competitions. Anne and Bobby Ronson are the first home owners to try out the platform by putting their semi-deteached property in Rushcliffe on the site. The valuation comes from the promoter's Facebook page.

How To Enter The Competition

The property itself has two bedrooms and has benefited from a refresh including new carpets and decoration. Downstairs is an open plan family room and kitchen. There are a few images on the Raffique website but we'd like to see more information such as floor plans etc. It does seem that the property is empty and ready to be used as a home or rental. Full planning permission for a two story side extension is also included in the prize. All stamp duty and legal fees will be covered by the owner.

To purchase a ticket you simply need to visit the competition page, select the number of tickets you wish to purchase and answer a multiple choice question. You aren't told if the answer you've selected is right or wrong so use Google first if you're unsure. At checkout you'll be asked to create an account with Raffique if you've not already got one. Payments are managed with Vivawallet. As far as we can see there are no limits to the number of tickets you can purchase per competition and there's also no free entry postal options available.

50,000 Tickets

The Ronsons require a minimum of 50,000 paid tickets (500,000 revenue) to be purchased by the end of February 2022 for the house to be awarded. If all tickets are sold before the closing date then the competition closes and a winner selected. There won't be any extensions if this target is not achieved. One area where Raffique differentiates from Raffall is that they publically show the number of tickets sold. This is quite useful in giving you an idea of how the competition is progressing.

If not enough tickets are sold then a cash prize will be awarded. We undestand that this figure is set at 90% which is much higher than other sites (e.g. Raffall's is set at 75%). Donations will be made to charity and in this case Nottingham Blood Bikes and Project Trust will be the beneficiaries. We're presuming that these donations will be undertaken by the owners and only if the property reaches completion. According to their Facebook page the owners are looking to support other charities during the process which is very generous.

Our Verdict

We're not surprised to see a new raffle style platform emerge to compete with Raffall. The big surprise is that it has taken well over a year. Whether Raffique can be a serious competitor remains to be seen. A property competition may help but perhaps not at 10 a ticket and 50,000 tickets. The prize itself is OK and with local interest may get the wheels rolling. However the issue for this competition - and indeed Raffique - is getting enough exposure to create an interested audience. Raffall do offer some support in that matter and even then they don't get every property competition over the line. Watching the ticket sales counter on the site could be interesting though and if the 90% cash amount is correct then that's a postive for ticket buyers.

Closing Early

On 8th June 2021 the owners of the property announced that they were closing the competition on Raffique and would offer a cash prize. This will be 90% of ticket sales and would be around 700. This suggests that very few tickets have sold. The owners blame Facebook marketing and personal issues and have indicated that they'll be relisting the property for raffle on another platform that will look after the marketing for them. We've heard this before and therefore expect the property to pop up on FrogHopping in the near future. Judging by the poor ticket sales we'd suggest the owners may however be better off looking at more conventional means to sell their home. Enter Competition Here

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