Win A Gainsborough House - Cash Winner

A property in Lincolnshire previously offered as Win A Gainsborough House & Car on Raffall is back for a second run. This time the three bedroom home is on the relatively new Frog Hopping platform and tickets cost 20 each. As far as we're aware there's no car on offer this time round.

Winner: James V

Launched: 20th May 2021 Closed: 1st December 2021

Platform: FrogHopping

Location: Gainsborough, DN21 4FE

House Value: £230000 (3 Bedrooms)

Ticket Price: £1.00

Tickets Sold: 670

Revenue: 1259.03 revenue - 1007.22. prize

Cash Alternative: 80% of ticket sales


Earlier in May Darran Southard concluded a Raffall competition for this three bedroom property in Gainsborough. That resulted in a cash prize winner and ticket sales of 32845. Darren did promise to relist his home on another site and true to his word it's now on Frog Hopping. It becomes the fourth property on that particular platform but to date not one has reach conclusion and the first two competitions have to be extended. The reason why Darren is seeking to sell his home is that they're aiming to set up a new life in Spain. Will he be successful in creating a property winner this time round?

About The Property

The property on offer is a three bed detached home with a long driveway and built in garage. Downstairs is a kitchen/diner plus conservatory that looks out onto the south facing rear garden. Upstairs all the bedrooms and family bathroom. According to Darren's Facebook group the property has been redecorated since it's previous listing on Raffall. The listing on the site offers more images and a video tour of the prize on offer. FrogHopping contribute a minimum of 1500 towards the winner's solicitor's fees. The remaining costs need to be met by the seller. Note the winner would need to appoint their own solicitor.

How To Enter The Competition

To enter the competition you need to complete your details and answer a multiple choice question. Interestingly you can select all the tickboxes which is something that needs to be addressed. Furthermore you aren't told whether the answer you have selected is right or wrong. Make sure you double check your answers with Google! You're then redirected to a payment page where you can either pay by cards (on desktop) or with Paypal (via mobile). We have been concerned by the latter as a payment option for raffles/gambling but there seems to be some latitude now being allowed by Paypal for selected companies.

Over 16,000 Tickets

The owner of the property has set a minimum ticket revenue of 320,000 plus a ticket price of 20. This means that they need to sell at least 16000 tickets (if our maths is correct) for the property to be sold. Note that there isn't a maximum number of tickets that can be sold. However according to the Facebook group there are 19200 tickets on sale?? All competitions on the site used to initially run three months but this one has been given six months from the get-go. If insufficient tickets are sold then a cash prize alternative is paid out. This we think is around 80% of the total revenue? Interestingly a new term has been recently added - "all approved property listings receive 1% of competition revenue if the property doesn't reach its selling price".

Our Verdict

This may well be the first (or one of the first) win a house properties to go back up for raffle. Having sold 32000 tickets at 2.50 we're kind of wondering just many the owner expects to sell at 20? The owner is also under the impression that FrogHopping will be marketing the property but to date we've not seen much activity in that area for their other competitions. The platform looks decent and mixes "estate agent" with "raffle site" well but we're not sure if Darren is going to be any more successful here than he was using Raffall.

As of the end of October, all tickets have been reduced to 1. Enter Competition Here

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