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The Irish Lottery takes place twice a week - on Wednesday and Saturday. Six numbers are drawn from 45, plus a bonus ball. You can bet on the outcome of the Irish Lottery at UK bookmakers and gaming sites. Many bookies use the Irish Lottery odds as a way to entice players away from The National Lottery, this is because you can win over 600 for a 1 stake if you match 3 numbers.

Irish Lottery Fixed Odds

Six Numbers
Seven Numbers
1 Ball
2 Balls
3 Balls
4 Balls
5 Balls

The above show the fixed odds for The Irish Lottery based on a 6 ball draw (not including the bonus number) and a 7 ball draw (including the bonus number) from Lottoworld at Coral. Note that you can also bet on the Irish Monday Million Lottery - only 39 numbers are included in this draw.

Whilst the odds for 3 balls and upwards is fixed across all bookies, we have noticed that the price offered for 1 ball can vary. Coral for example used to offer 11/2 but now matches Paddy Power and Betfred who both offer 6/1. Betfred offer 9/2 in the 7 ball game but for 2 balls they offer a better value 40/1. This just goes to show that if you're playing these markets that it's wise to have a look around.

As well as being able to bet on the Irish Lottery Results at Paddy Power, you can also bet on other selected markets. These include Bonus Ball Colour, Bonus Ball Odd or Even, First 6 Out: Odd or Even?, First Ball Colour, First Ball Odd or Even, First Six Balls, Lowest Ball Drawn (1st six numbers), Highest Ball Drawn (1st six numbers) and the Bonus Ball Number.

You can also get the latest Irish Lotto Results here on Loquax including Lotto Plus 1 Results and Lotto Plus 2 Results. We can also tell you the hot and cold numbers from draws made over the last three months.

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