Free Birthdate Lottery Review

In new hands the Free Birthdate Lottery site has two draws both offering 10 prizes. Enter your birthdate to take part. There are also surveys and other competitions to enter. Note that prizes do not roll over if they aren't claimed.

Website: Free Birthdate Lottery

Featured Prizes: 10 Main Prize, Survey Draw, Instant Wins

Did You Know: Has Given Away Over 8000

Launched: 2016

Your birthday could be the key to winning a cash prize with the Free Birthdate Lottery. This site launched in 2016 but changed hands in 2017. Since then the site has offered visitors a number of opportunities to win small cash prizes. The main event is the headline giveaway - the birthday lottery - but this has also been joined by a survey draw, competitions and instant wins.

How To Enter

To take part in the Free Birthdate Lottery you need to register. Complete the form with your email address, first name, birthday and password. Note that you don't have to use your own birthday - any day will be acceptable. However your entry will only go into the next draw. There's no option to sign in using social media accounts. Once your account has been verified then you'll be included in the daily draws. Only birthdates registered by players will go in the draw.

Each day at 11am one lucky birthday will be selected as a winner of a 10 prize. However this prize must be claimed by visiting the site. If the prize isn't claimed then it's lost and the amount doesn't roll over. More than one winner can claim the prize provided they share the same birthdate with the one selected. A Survey Draw also gives you the chance to win 10. Complete a survey to reveal another winning birthdate. Prizes must also be claimed for this cash to be won.

Our Verdict

Joining the two draws are a variety of competitions and instant wins. The competitions run monthly and can take the form of a quiz, anagram or challenge. To play instant wins you don't need to login although you may have to complete a survey to take part. At time of writing only one game was live. This launched on the 16th August and from what we can see, to date, no one has won on the game. Winners have won on previous games though.

Winners are in short supply at this site. Up to June 2020 there had only been 14 claimed wins on the main draw and 6 on the Survey Draw. In monetary terms that's just 200 given away in nearly six months. The fact that this site doesn't rollover unclaimed prizes means that it's never going to dish out big money. The extra competition and instant win are fun elements for the hardcore community but it's hard to get overly excited about this particular lottery.

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