Pick My Postcode Review

Originally known as The Free Postcode Lottery and the biggest of all free lottos. Open to UK visitors only, the daily main draw stands at 200 (temporarily reduced). There are also survey draws, video draws, stackpots and flash giveaways.

Website: Pick My Postcode

Featured Prizes: 200 Main Prize, Video Draw, Survey Draw, Stackpot

Did You Know: Paid Out Over 1million!

Launched: 2011

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On April 1st 2011 The Free Postcode Lottery launched. However this was no April Fool! Owner, Chris Holbrook, wanted to giveaway cash prizes everyday through a prize draw based on postcodes. It has to be said that we at Loquax were sceptical and thought the whole thing sounded like a scam. Well we were wrong on that one! The site has grown incredibly over the years and sparked the arrival of other "me-toos". However Pick My Postcode - as it is now called due to an enforced name change - continues to be the sector leader by a country mile.

How To Play

Playing Pick My Postcode is incredibly simple. To start with you need to register your email address and a valid postcode. This doesn't have to be your actual postcode - you can choose any as long as it's a UK code - although most choose their own as it's easier to remember. Once you've validated your account then that's pretty much it. It's now simply a case of waiting to see if your postcode gets picked to win one of the daily prizes. You will need to visit the site and maybe participate in an activity - e.g. watch a video - to check if you're a winner.

There are a number of prize draws running at Pick My Postcode. The Main Draw is the big prize. Each day at 12pm a postcode is chosen at random and shown on the Main Draw page. If that matches your chosen code then you can claim a win. Note that if you share the same postcode as another entrant and they claim then the prize is shared. The prize money for this draw starts at 200 - this was reduced from 500 due to the current health crisis. If the daily prize isn't claimed then the prize money rolls over. Wins are paid to a Paypal account although if you don't have Paypal then alternative arrangements can be made.

Other Chances To Win

Joining the Main Draw are a Video Draw, Survey Draw, Stackpot and Bonus Draw. To reveal the winning postcodes for the Video Draw and Survey Draw you'll need to watch a video and complete a survey respectively. The Stackpot gives all players an extra chance to win. At least 3 new postcodes are added to a list at 9am and 9pm daily. The first person to claim for each postcode wins 10. Finally there's a Bonus Draw. This page houses further opportunities to win cash prizes of 5, 20 and 40. On top of this you can win a bonus amount which is accumulated by checking out the prize draws daily.

Do people win? The great thing about Pick My Postcode is that it's full of winners. Everything is transparent so you can easily review the results of all the draws since the site began. There's even a cool map showing lucky postcodes. This is great for seeing winners in your local area. Around my area there's been a lot of Stackpot winners of 10! As far as we're aware the biggest prize paid out my PMP is 2500 but this may been surpassed. It would be nice to figure out the big winners!

Our Verdict

Pick My Postcode is funded by advertising. So on the site you will find sponsored adverts and content. Under the bonus section there are a number of deals and offers funded by affiliate marketing. Note that you don't get bombarded with spam from this site. All we've ever received from them over the years are reminders to visit the site daily. For the survey and video draws you are interacting to either watch an advert or give an opinion but these actions support the site's activities.

Overall this is the flagship of free lottery sites. They've led from the start and to be honest no one else has gotten close. Plenty have tried but haven't been able to replicate Holbrook's success. This success hasn't come easily and it's safe to say PMP has had a rollercoaster of a ride, especially in recent times with trademark issues and a decline in ad revenues. All this information is explained to the community at PMP via the blog. Thankfully PMP still continues to create winners each day whilst paying out 100s of pounds. If you're going to pick one free lottery game to play daily then we suggest you pick Pick My Postcode.

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