Magic Voices Radio “Winner” Awaits Judge’s Verdict!

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Magic Voices Radio “Winner” Awaits Judge’s Verdict!

Back in May 2007 we blogged about a £168,000 Magic Voices winner in a Magic FM competition and how the prize was withdrawn from the winner after an investigation. Magic concluded that there was a serious breach of the competition rules, resulting in the judges’ final decision to disqualify the winner! Well, that investigation has led to a court case and a Bernadette Hurst faces jail for trying to “collect £168,000 cash from a Magic FM competition last year as well as £3000 in shopping vouchers”. She entered the competition using her aunt’s name, Maria Crosskey, and a fake voice.

Using False Names To Enter Competitions

Having already won previous Magic FM competitions Hurst had become ineligible to win further prizes but continued to enter the radio station’s competitions. Sentencing will be carried out on March 10th (The Mirror). Of course this is an extreme case, but it does highlight the fact that using false names to enter competitions so as to get round the terms and conditions can eventually come back and bite you on the backside – if you’re caught! The problem for compers who bend the rules, perhaps by using false names, multiple mobile numbers etc (as highlighted in Voicing Opinion On The Magic Voices Competition) is that the comping community is much more communicative these days – amongst themselves and organisers.

Running Rough Shod

Remember, a promoter is only an email a way and questions can easily be asked and issues investigated if just one comper suspects their efforts are being run rough shod over by others. If you’re a comper and have concerns about a competition then do feel free to contact us at Loquax and we’ll see what we can do to help answer any questions you have!


What Is Make Me A Winner?

If you regularly move in comping circles then you may well have seen the words “Make Me A Winner” mentioned once or twice.