Will June Create More House Raffle Winners?

June House Raffles

Will June Create More House Raffle Winners?

There’s just a couple of weeks to go before the end of June and that will see around a dozen current win a house competitions come to a conclusion. This batch includes high profile properties being offered by the likes of Raffle House, Win My Dream Home, One Big Win, Win My Beach Home, Elite Competitions and Giveaway Genie. Some of these have been on extended closing dates and therefore will close by the end of the month regardless of ticket sales. However are any of the dozen on course to add to the growing number of property winners or are cash prizes going to be the order of the day.

Win My Dream Home

This £500,000 London flat competition has had quite a lot of media coverage but is still a long way short of creating a property prize winner. What we like about Win My Dream Home is that they are transparent with respect to the competition status. Few raffles will give a running commentary of sales and alternative cash prize value. At time of writing the current cash prize is over £127,000 so not a bad amount to try and win for a fiver entry fee.

Raffle House

The third Raffle House competition is for a £750,000 two bedroomed property in the Lambeth area of London. As you’d expect there’s a big final push to get this one over the line and to assist in that process they’ve launched a fourth competition. This one is to win a flat in Birmingham or a cash alternative. This launch means that for just £2 you have the chance to win not one but two properties. In terms of value that’s pretty good. Only time will tell if this last month offer will be enough to create a property prize winner.

Elite Competitions

Having already successfully completed a couple of property raffles, Elite Competitions are doing it again. From what we can see ticket sales aren’t going quite as fast as previous contests. At time of writing only 16,000 tickets had been sold (we say only, that’s still at least £144,000 in revenue). Whatever happens though this one will create a new property winner because the prize is guaranteed to be won regardless of sales. Our advice with this one is keep an eye on their Facebook page and the competition page because occasionally they do offer special deals on tickets.

One Big Win

A Riverside Penthouse in Nottingham is the prize in this particular contest but it’s very unlikely to be getting a new owner any time soon. As far as we know, based on comments from our win a house community, is that just over a quarter of the tickets have been sold. Like many other competitions this one was extended and the promoters have tried to generate interest by offering “free Fire Coins” with ticket purchases. These coins can then be used for other raffles for prizes such as £1000, PS5 and some composite bonding.

Win My Beach Home

This competition started out offering entrants the chance to win a West Sussex bungalow but has evolved to offer a choice of the original property or an Algarve Beach Apartment. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have sparked an increase in demand for tickets so the likes of Michael Ball, Keith Richards & Kate Winslet won’t be getting new South Coast neighbours. The cash alternative is expected to be at least £75,000 although entrants have noted that this figure hasn’t changed recently.

Giveaway Genie

We liked the look of the Giveaway Genie website when it first launched offering a £90,000 property in the North East area. However like many others it’s had to extend the closing date due to lack of sales. As of June 20201 there doesn’t seem to be much information surrounding the current status of ticket sales and the site’s Facebook page is devoid of a last minute push. This suggests to us that perhaps things haven’t gone quite as well as originally hoped and that a cash winner will be created.

And What About The Rest?

From our house competition listings there’s a number of other properties closing during the last two weeks of June. Most of them are on the Raffall platform and a lot of them are no where near creating a property winner. The front runner is Win A West Yorkshire 4 Bed House who are doing all they can to generate sales. They have sold 150,000 tickets so far so that will at least create a nice cash prize sum if the house can’t be given away. Remember with Raffall competitions if not enough tickets are sold a 75% cash alternative based on ticket sales is awarded and the host goes home with nothing.

So Will There Be More House Winners?

There will be at least one house winner in June from the group who are closing in the next two weeks. But that is because the prize is guaranteed. Raffle House hopefully will get over the line and it’d be nice to see Win A West Yorkshire 4 Bed House reach their goal. Both could still however end as cash winners! The rest that are closing this month are very unlikely to be anything other than cash winners. On a more positive note Omaze have now drawn their Cotswold House competition and are now awaiting confirmation.

Why Are House Raffles Now Struggling?

Skills competition site BOTB recently announced their company reports and noted that interest in their competitions had declined from 2020 as easing of lockdown had been introduced. We suspect that this is the case for many house competitions and online raffle sites. We also suspect that there’s just a lot more choice for people’s money when it comes to raffles and house competitions. Mecca Bingo have recently got on board with raffles, ITV have many pay to enter competitions and so do some radio stations. Visit a site like Elite and then watch how many adverts you see for similar sites when you log on to Instagram and Facebook! Going forward we suspect that we may well see fewer, but better, raffle sites and house competitions.