You Could Win Joe Lycett’s Car

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You Could Win Joe Lycett’s Car

It’s a Be On TV type of week here on the Loquax Blog. Firstly we told you about how to apply for the new Deal Or No Deal plus we also updated our Apply To Be On TV section which now includes shows such as Jeopardy, The Wheel and Race Across The World. No sooner do we get that up to date then there’s a new additon to the list to include and that new addition comes courtesy of Joe Lycett. Joe tweeted details about his new show and a Zoom call he’d had with the producers: “I had a zoom with Channel 4 to ask about paying for some prizes on my show and they said they wouldn’t give us any more money cause it’s expensive to do a live show outside of London. I jokingly said, ‘I’ll just give away my possessions shall I?'”. And true to his word, Joe will in fact be giving away his own car. He describes the Lexus Hybrid as “not full leccy but also not full plastic bottle in a dolphin’s gob. I love it and am annoyed”.

How To Get Involved With Late Night Lycett

Channel 4 are inviting people to appear live in the Late Night Lycett studio and play for the chance to win Joe’s car. According to the entry website Channel 4 are seeking people “who have a funny but unfortunate story. If you are aged 18 or over and meet the other eligibility requirements below and think you’ve got a story to beat all other stories then what are you waiting for?”. The other requirements include being over 18, living in The UK and not being related to anyone involved with the show. Furthermore you should never have played “Which Lee Has The Key” before and that provides you with some idea of how the car could be won. Application forms can be downloaded from the Channel 4 website. Note that your funny but unfortunate story must be a true story which you will be able to tell live on television. You may be asked to provide proof/supporting evidence so don’t make something up. You have until the 30th April 2023 to get your application sent in.

Which Lee Has The Key

If you do get through the application process then you may then find yourself as one of three possible contestants. On the day of broadcast each finalist will be chosen to regale the audience with their story. A social media poll will then run to determine who should go on to play the game. From what we can gather, Which Lee Has The Key will be the segment of the Late Night Lycett show where the car can be won. On the downloadable application form there’s a whole bunch of terms explaining the game format. Before the game starts the contestant will be shown the prizes on offer. The contestant will then be able to make a selection from a range of key holders, presumably who will all be called Lee! Once a key has been selected then the keyholder will reveal the prize won by unlocking the unique prize with the unique key. We’re not quite sure how Joe’s Lexus fits in with this format but presume that it’ll be that main prize across the series. If it gets won on the first episode then he might have to start offering more possessions.

Apply For Late Night Lycett


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