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Win A House Competition Tracker

Following our recent server move we’ve now time to start updating things on the site. For example as we’re about to add the 100th property to our win a house section (post 2017) we’ve deceided to make some improvements to our service. Some of these are based on user feedback. One thing we’ve always done over the 20+ years of running Loquax is listen to our users and see if we can improve on whar we currently offer.

Track Your Home Competition Entries

The biggest change on the win a house section is that it now has it’s very own tracking facility. Registered users who login to Loquax can click the ‘mark as entered’ to have a record of the competitions that they’ve entered. We think this will be a useful facility and hopefully it will also give us some indication of which competitions are popular with our visitors. Currently the tracking code is only on the main win a house section but will be expanded to individual pages, closing competitions etc.
In time we will also provide a list of ‘entered competitions’ so users can review results. Note that this tracker is independent to the free trackers that are available in our main competition sections and forthcoming advent section. Additionally there is no ignore option. We intend to keep things limited for now now to see how things progress. Hopefully this tracking facility will be well received by our win a house users.

New Filter Options

Also new on the main page are options to sort and filter the lists. For example if you’re interested in entering house raffles for free (or at least the cost of a stamp) then check out the free entry competitions. Raffall has become the platform of choice for many home owners wanting to raffle their properties so we’ve now set up a filter to cover home competitions on Raffall. These join the options to review competitions by closing date, date added, ticket price and property valuation.

Win An Overseas Property

Another development in this sector are that there’s now overseas properties being offered as a prize. Therefore you can now review home competitions for overseas properties only. The problem with these raffles are that they don’t always do well so it’s going to be interesting to see if any join the growing list of successful property competitions. As this list is expanding – and we know of two more additions with Cwyllen Dream and Win Your Dream both guaranteeing winners – we have to create a dedicated successful house competitions page. If you have comments about the new changes or have suggestions for Loquax then either comment below or drop us a line!