Ourcomps Competitions Review - Closed

As of October 2020 Ourcomps seems to have closed down. It's website is reporting a 403 Forbidden error and all social media channels have been removed. We have no further details as to the situation with the company at this time.

Company: OurComps Ltd

When Was Ourcomps Competitions Launched: 2019

What Prizes Can You Win: Cars, Cash

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Ourcomps Competitions

Founded in 2019 OurComps is run by Chris Amos of OurComps Ltd. At time of writing there are 5 different competitions running on the site including a couple of free entry options. The pay to enter draws are for seriously big cash prizes and or a brand new car. It does look like other competitions are listed on OurComps but these are just options to purchase credits which can then be used to enter the draws. Although the site's logo say that you can win your dreams for 2 the cheapest tickets are a fiver.

How To Enter Ourcomps Competitions

The set-up for OurComps is similar to other raffle sites such as Boxpoint Comps and Win This Competitions. To take part you first need to be registered and logged in! Then select the competition you'd like to enter from the list. On the individual competition pages you'll be shown the closing date, number of tickets that need to be sold, current status of sales and a multiple choice question. Select your answer to the question from the options given, choose how many tickets you want to purchase and then complete the transaction. Note that Nationwide Debit Cards can't be used on the site!

Note that it's unclear whether you will be told if you're right or wrong so just double check your answer before completing any purchase. Surprisingly there doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of tickets you can buy. For example we managed to add over 1000 11.40 tickets to our basket. This is something that shouldn't occur in our view. OurComps has a no purchase necessary postal option available. Details how to enter without buying a ticket can be found in the terms and conditions. Postal entries are limited to one competition, and one free entry per person/household. The Entrant must specify which competition they wish to enter.

OurComps Winners

OurComps has a winners page however it is a little bit disorganised when compared to other sites in this sector. There is transparency with respect to live previous draws on Youtube and/or Facebook. Plus OurComps provides lists of entrants and their ticket numbers but these are all independent of each other. We'd like to see details of the winner, prize awarded, entrants and live video altogether on one page. Prizes that have been awarded include TVs, consoles and gadgets. Some winners have been very lucky with a Murray Storm managing to win more than once.

Some of the competitions have guaranteed closing dates which means the prizes will be awarded regardless of the ticket sales. Other competitions, especially when there are big cash prizes at stake, extend their closing dates if insufficient tickets are sold. Competitions will rollover a maximum of 4 additional times if tickets aren't sold out. If, after the 4th two week rollover and it has still not completed then a prize pot equal to 70% of all entries sold will be awarded to the winners. It's unclear on the winners page if all competitions have completed or if cash prizes have been awarded.

Our Verdict

OurComps are trying to be different from their competitors by offering big cash prizes alongside free to enter promotions. We like this but ticket sales vary. The competition for the BMW M2 has attracted over 1100 tickets but the Mega Apple Bundle has sold just 32 tickets. We suspect that the ticket price may be an issue as it's cheaper to enter the former. Surprisingly the 100,000 "year off work" competition has to date attracted just over 330 ticket sales.

One big issues with OurComps is the site. It's very slow to load and this makes for a difficult user experience. We also found it a bit clunky and disorganised. A little bit of tweaking here and there - such as bringing the winner details and videos together could improve transparency. We'd also like to see the pay to enter, free competitions and credit bundles split up so that it's much clearer to see what's what on the site.

OurComps Closure

In October 2020 OurComps closed down. If you have had issues with the site then we suggest you take a look at this Facebook group.

Ourcomps Competitions Discussion

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