Free Draw Friday Review - Closed

Free Draw Friday is a weekly prize draw. Earn tickets throughout the week by logging in or taking surveys for the chance to win the cashpot. The pot currently ranges from 10 to 12 each week.

Website: Free Draw Friday

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Did You Know: From The Owners Of The Street Lottery

Launched: 2018

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Each week you have the chance to win a cash prize simply by visiting the Free Draw Friday daily. By logging and participating in various activities you can collect extra entries. The more people who get involved with the site throughout the week then the larger the prize pot. A winner is announced each week at midday on Friday and as far as we're aware they do not have to make a claim. The site launched in 2018 although we can't find any company information associated with the site.

How To Play

To enter the Free Draw Friday you need to be registered with the site. Enter your email address, username, password and location to sign-up. Surprisingly you don't need to verify your account before you can login and start earning points. Once signed up you can collect one point - or one prize draw entry - each day that you login to the site. However you can pick up more points in various other ways.

These ways include taking surveys, quizzes and watching videos. These are all run by third parties so the site will be potentially generating some revenue which in turn partly goes towards the prize pot. Additionally there's a bingo card that you can play in order to earn up to 3 points. Visit the site every hour over a period of 8 hours in order to complete the card. All 24 numbers will be drawn three times a day. We're not sure how many times you can play the bingo card to win points.

Our Verdict

The more points you earn then the more entries you'll have in the prize draw. Winners are announced on the site alongside the number of points that they had in the draw. Over the last 10 weeks (from June 2020) players have won with between 19 and 209 points. This suggests quite clearly that logging in just once a week to bank at least one prize draw entry may not be enough. If you are lucky enough to win then prizes will be paid via Paypal. If you don't have Paypal then you can't receive a prize! Although the winners are updated on the website, it's noted that their social media pages haven't been updated since March 2020.

If you like taking surveys for the chance to win a small cash prize then Free Draw Friday might interest you. However you may have to put a bit of effort in to get a decent number of points. As we say above the lowest points winnner had 19. It'd be interesting to see winners from further back than the previous 10 weeks to see if players with just 1 or 2 entries can win. Overall we feel that most entrants won't be interested in the various surveys and will quickly tire of the competition. If you don't have a Paypal account then there's no point even taking part.

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