Free Millions Review

Register for free at Free Millions for the chance to win syndicated lines that let you play UK National Lottery, EuroMillions and US Powerball tickets. Check the site daily to see if your ticket number is selected and to claim a win. All players that check all numbers each day in a week will collect a bonus.

Free Millions


Featured Prizes: Play Real Lotteries For Free

Did You Know: Open Worldwide

Launched: 2020

Whilst many of the free lottery games that are available are prize draw orientated, Free Millions gives you the chance to play the real lottery for nothing. Other sites have done similar things in the past. For example Rollover Bingo used to offer their players the chance to win syndicated lines for Euromillions. Free Millions is a relatively new site and it's holding company, Free Million Limited, was only incorporated in May 2020.

How To Play

To play Free Millions you need to register as a player. Sign up with your name, email address and password. Once you've verified your account you can login to find your nine digit ticket number. This is your entry into the daily prize draw. Every day at noon Free Millions will post up 40 codes on their Daily Draws page. These are spread over 10 pages and you're asked to check them all. If your code appears on the list then you can claim a win. However don't get too excited because you've not won the lottery - not yet.

Your prize is one of up to 60 winning member shares of the week's lottery line results. This prize could be a million quid but it won't be less than 20. Additionally you could potentially claim a referral prize. If one or more of the members you referred won then you can claim the same amount. To refer players you need to share your link with family, friends etc. We've decided not to include our referral link within this article. Whilst it'd be nice to share wins with Loquax users we're not going to checking the site daily!

Our Verdict

As well as the prizes above, all players can claim something by checking all 10 pages of the daily draw every day. This is 10 bonus cash which we suspect is only payable if you win the chance to become part of the syndicate and that syndicate in turns wins a cash prize. To be honest we find that the whole thing seems overly complicated. In short it's designed to make sure you load the draw pages which host the advertising that helps support the site.

The lottery tickets that are purchased by Free Millions and the results are shown on the website. It'd be nice to know how much was won by the tickets and prizes distributed. We'd also like to see evidence that the tickets have been purchased. When other sites have been involved in syndicated they've scanned the ticket that they've bought. If you can push a lot of referrals then this will increase your chances of winning especially if your referrals will frequent the site. We found that the whole process of reviewing the daily ticket numbers was a bit too slow and tedious to be bothered.

Disclaimer: Details shown above were correct at time of writing and are provided for information purposes only. A link is not an endorsement and, unless indicated, Loquax has not been paid for this listing. Please check terms and conditions before playing.

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