Free National Lotto Review

This particular lottery offers a daily draw with a 5 prize plus a 5 ball draw that runs twice a week. The 5 ball draw pot gives you the chance to win 2000 for matching all 5 numbers. Prizes must be claimed!

Website: Free National Lotto

Featured Prizes: 5 Daily, 5 Ball Draw, Survey Draw

Did You Know: The 5 Ball Draw Rollover Dropped To 2000 In May

Launched: 2017

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The Free National Lotto is a free to play game that uses lottery numbers. It was launched in 2017 by a company called CogniGaming Ltd. Comprising of three different draws this lotto offers players the chance to win 5 daily and potentially 2000 in a 5 ball draw. The rules state that these games are open to eligible players from all around the world.

How To Play

To play The Free National Lotto you will need to register an account. You can create an account using your email address or by opting to login with social media accounts. Once registered you then need to select five numbers between 1 and 40. These numbers represent your prize draw entry although you are free to change them whenever you like. To find out if you're a winner make sure you visit the site daily to see if your numbers have been selected.

Although it calls itself Lotto, for the daily giveaway the site operates as a prize draw. A set of five numbers is selected from active sets of five numbers chosen by entrants. This means that in theory there should be at least one winner per day. Of course if that winner doesn't claim their prize then the money rolls over. If your numbers do come up then a 'Collect Prize' button will appear on the site. Wins will be paid to you via Paypal.

5 Ball Draw

That said there is a lotto element to the site. Every Thursday and Sunday a set of five random numbers will be generated. If the numbers generated match your selection then you'll win the top prize. At time of writing this was 2000 and it's claimed that this rolls over if not won. Since the site launched this prize hasn't been won and the prize rolled up to 3440. Then on the 14th May the prize dropped to 2000 and has remained at that level since. It'd be nice to have an explanation for this particular change.

Whilst no one has won the 5 Ball Draw, there have been winners of the daily draw. All the results can be found on the website although they only information given is the winning numbers and number of winners. A new draw, The Survey Draw, has recently been launched at the site but to date this has generated a couple of winners. This prize doesn't roll over. Finally there's now a bonus draw section where players can win extra money by completing activities on the site. This is similar to the bonus offer on Pick My Postcode.

Our Verdict

There are a few points to raise with respect to The Free National Lotto. The big concern is the reduction in prize money for the 5 Ball Draw. There's no explanation for this change! Our view is that this particular draw is more for show and no winners in three years underlines that view. It's good to see that a new Survey Draw has been added to the options but with hardly any winners since it arrived this doesn't fill us with hope.

Another issue is that the prize money for the daily draw hasn't increased since the site launched. It's nice to win free money - even if it's just a fiver - but Pick My Postcode started at 10 and kept increasing prizes as it's popularity increased. We did check in to the site's Facebook page and noted that it hasn't been updated since October 2019. Recent questions from users about the 5 Ball Draw have also been ignored and there have been comments about slow payments. Overall our view is that it might be wise to have low expectations of Free National Lotto.

Free National Lotto Discussion

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