Freemoji Lottery Review

A second site from Pick My Postcode, but this is open to non-UK entries as well as UK players. Choose five emojis to create your entry, then check back daily to see if you're a winner. Nearly 200,000 players worldwide!

Website: Freemoji Lottery

Featured Prizes: $20 Main Prize, Fiver Draw

Did You Know: The Biggest Prize Has Been $1000

Launched: 2016

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Having enjoyed success in The UK with Pick My Postcode the owners looked to go global. Postcodes aren't the same for each country so the Freemoji Lottery was born. In place of a postcode entrants could select five emojis from a vast selection to represent their entry into a prize draw. If your combination of emojis matches those selected in the daily draw then you can win a cash prize, provided you claim it.

How To Enter

To enter The Freemoji Lottery you need to register an account. First you're required to select your five emojis. Note that the combination you choose must be unique. If your chosen five have already been selected then you'll be notified to make changes. Once you have your selections you can complete the registration by giving your date of birth, email address and country. Finally to make sure you're in the prize draw you'll need to validate your email address.

Each day at 7pm a set of five emojis will be chosen for the Main Draw. Login and check to see if you're a winner. If no one claims the Main Draw prize - seeded at $20 - then the prize money rolls over. At time of writing (June 2020) the pot was up to $1140 as no one has claimed the prize since the 10th June. As well as the Main Draw there's also a Fiver Draw. Each day five combinations of emojis are shown. Match a selection and you can claim a $5 prize. Note that unclaimed prizes for this draw are not rolled over.

Our Verdict

If you're lucky enough to win then prizes will be paid via Paypal. You can review previous draw results for the Main Draw on the website, but we couldn't find details of winners of the Fiver Draw. One thing worth noting is that only entered combinations of emojis are included in the prize draw. However given that nearly 200,000 have signed up for this competition it means your chances of winning are very limited.

Although the Freemoji Lottery is in the same camp as Pick My Postcode it's not quite enjoyed the same level of success. The brand's social media channels have been left for well over a year which is a big surprise. The increasing Main Draw pot is exciting but it does suggest that people aren't returning regularly to check the results. We do wonder whether enthusiasm for the site has waned or whether the idea of winning in a lottery style prize draw is only attractive to UK visitors?

Freemoji Lottery Discussion

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