Avoid Cheating In Competitions & Prize Draws

Cheating is an element of online competitions that sadly seems to be becoming more and more widespread.

Answers are distributed around the web, deeplinks to end points of competitions given and in some cases competition entries are made by bots!

Don't allow cheats to prosper at the expense of genuine people who will interact with your website, visit your sponsors and learn about your business.

Loquax's Top Tips To Stop The Comping Cheats

1. Don't publish an email route to enter the competition. Use a web based form system and collect IP addresses as part of the entry process!

2. If you are running a quiz/game/treasure hunt, don't allow people to access your entry form until they have genuinely completed the competition.

3. Regularly change your questions. Use a script to randomise your question!

4. Monitor your web traffic and referrals.

5. Keep an eye on entries - including email and IP addresses. Set cookies or use SQL database restrictions to help reduce multiple entries.

6. Keep an eye out for Automated Entries. These are people who don't even visit your website so don't let them win!

7. Listen to your users! If there's a problem then other entrants will probably inform you. Take their complaints seriously!

8. Don't run voting competitions. Seriously, don't do it!

Remember it is your competition and should be entered as you have devised it for your website. Allowing cheats to prosper negates the reasons for running your competition.

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