Cheating in Online Games

Cheating can be a real issue when it comes to online games, normally java or shockwave based. Some people have learnt (or already knew) how to hack/break in to the games and register impossibly high scores.

The images below are from a lastminute competition that ran some years ago, but it demonstrates that cheating can and does occur. In this case, lastminute acted swiftly to make sure their competition was played fair and square and all persons found to be cheating were disqualified from the competition.

Last Minute High Scores

Allowing everyone to play on a level playing field should be the aim of everyone who is running a competition, especially interactive games that need high scores to win.

Cheat Scores

Stopping the cheats should also be paramount in administering a competition. If you have a game competition look for abnormally high scores (You did try the game out first didn't you? Checked for bugs? Tested others with the game? Have a vague idea what is humanly possible and what isn't?) and listen to complaints (and take them seriously) from other users.

If you find that someone is cheating then disqualify them! If people feel that they can't participate fairly in a competition then they'll stop participating.

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