How Many People Will Enter Your Competition?

We're often asked "how many people will enter my competition" - we honestly don't know!

There are several key factors that can influence the number of entries and they are type of competition, type of prize, the rules and the amount of promotion!

From information we've received from other siteowners and data from own prize draws an average competition, with a prize value of 100-200 can eaily attract a few thousand entries.

But, there are no definites on how many people will enter your competition. We rarely, if ever, will ever tell someone that they'll get x number of entries simply because we think it's not possible to do this. However, we can say that a free prize draw will probably get more entries than a caption competition and that a big prize will be more attractive than a small one.

Another important point is don't assume that because there are thousands of people entering competitions online that this equates to instant traffic and entry volumes. A good generic audience prize with a well put together competition should be enough to get you a decent number of entries.

The key to "number of entries" is simply to use your common sense. We once had a Wedding Car Hire firm in Scotland complaining because no one was entering their "win a wedding car" competition.

The fact that it had locality and specialism associated with the prize instantly limited the amount of interest the competition had to a wide audience. Sadly, the siteowner failed to comprehend this!

The only way you'll know how many entries you'll receive and how well your competition performs is to run a couple of trials.

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