How To Advertise Your Competition Or Prize Draw

You've got your rules, you've got your prize, you've got your competition - all you need now is people to enter - so now it's time to promote your competition.

The easiest way to promote your competition is tell Loquax about it! If it passes our review process then we'll happily include it in our listings - and the good news is that this service is free. A listing on Loquax can usually generate links from other sources as compers tend to like sharing information.

Add a Competition to Loquax.

There are other ways to promote too!

Yes, there are other competition & freebies sites that you can use to spread the word. There are also competition forums and newsgroups too.

Are we the best? We'll leave that for you to decide, but we're currently the only site that will link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts and give you a discussion thread on our forums. We don't include answers as we think that's unfair. Our job is to send you traffic!

Make use of all your competition visitors and get them to mention your prize draw on Twitter and Facebook. Give them links to "share" (and perhaps an extra entry for doing so) so as to make full use of your traffic. Note that it's better to get "compers" onside than alienate them.

However, don't just target obvious competition entries! Create an eye-catching image-link on your front page, and mail out a newsletter (if you have one!) telling your regular users about the competition.

Use newsgroups, forum and social networks to promote your competition too, but be careful not to spam. Be up front and honest and always ask permission of the forum owner before posting a link to your site.

You could also use Adword Campaigns or an affiliate program to attract visitors.

Remember a competition is part of your site's marketing strategy - so promote, then promote, then promote again!

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