Social Media & Competitions

The arrival of Facebook and Twitter as well as increased interest in blogging has seen a massive explosion in the number of competitions. Many brands and retailers have forsaken their traditional prize draws and moved to social networks to use competitions to attract new followers. Bloggers, especially Mummy Bloggers, have become a rich source of PR for many brands happy to offer prizes in exchange for articles and features.

New methods of running competitions bring about new problems and challenges. However, the fundamentals of prize promotions remain the same. Why are you running the promotion? What prize are you offering? Do you have rules? And are you running it properly so it becomes a success?

To help you we've put together some useful hints and tips for running competitions on various social platforms.

Twitter: Find out about the various types of competition you can run on Twitter, some useful tools to use and some of the pitfalls and issues you may encounter.

Facebook: With Facebook you can pretty much run any kind of competition, but be careful. There are guidelines and because of the social nature of the system you will most certainly want your competition to run smoothly!

Google+: The new kid on the block but will it become as popular? One thing we do know is that Google doesn't like you incentivising clicks of the plus one button!

We'll be adding some help and advice for people who want to run competitions on their blog very soon.

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