Make Your Competition A Real Success

If you've got the prize right, the rules right, the type of competition right and the promotion sorted - then you're well on your way to a successful prize draw. But what else can you do to make it better and give you the best chance of success?

Here are some examples...

1. Thank You Pages
Make sure your 'Thank You For Entering' page isn't blank. Use it to promote your products, offers, discount codes or some other promotion. If there's nothing of interest on the thanks page the liklihood is that you will lose visitors after they enter.

2. Thank You Emails
Send users a thank you email when they enter and perhaps include an offer to further remind them of your brand as well as links to your social network sites. This also confirms to them that they've entered!

3. Discount Discounts as Prizes
Very Important! Don't give all users a "discount" and call it a prize. If you want to offer a discount to competition entrants offer it as a "thank you". Discounts are not prizes. Sending an email saying "You have won... a discount" will result in bad comments about you. Trust us!

4. Don't Let People Cheat
Don't let people cheat or take advantage of your competition. It can happen and if spotted by other entrants you will have to act swiftly and sensibly!

5. We Want Winners
Announce the winners, publish a winner's list and send out the prizes! It sounds so obvious but you'll be surprised how often a competition, once completed, gets neglected or left to fester without any updates.

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