Quirky Bets & Specials

One of the things we like here at Loquax are the quirky betting markets. These tend to be hidden away on the bookmaker sites under 'specials' and they cover a multitude of subject areas. There are of course the TV & Movie bets such as The Oscars, Dancing On Ice, X Factor and Britain's Got Talent but from there stems a host of celebrity, political and royal bets.

For whatever reason (well it makes the bookies money at least) we're all obsessed with the name of the next royal baby, the date of the next general election or even who will become the next Pope! In this section will give you details of current 'specials' and news of any markets we feel worthy of a closer look at.

Best Bookie For Novelty Bets

If you really like odd bets then Paddy Power is actually the best site to take a look at. They actually tend to run 'specials' for the usual football and racing but they have a whole section dedicated to Novelty Bets. You can even win a free bet if you make a suggestion for a novelty market. There's 50 to be won every week for the best idea and they may even use it on site. As of February 2013 you can actually bet on which characters will appear in the forthcoming Star Wars VII. Plus if you're not keen on The Oscars then there's always The Razzies to have a punt on.

Other bookies tend to shy away from these markets but instead stick to the mainstream. For example most have markets for the name of William & Kate's baby and in general you will find at least one market to do with politics. Again as of February 2013 there are opportunities to bet on who will be next Pope, but only Paddy Power have really drilled down into the various options. We tend to find that Ladbrokes prefer to stick with sports and rarely enter into the novelty bet market.

Are Novelty Bets Worthwhile?

The problem with some novelty markets is that there's usually an outright favourite and it's probably not worth clicking up a betting slip. Using Star Wars VII again as an example most of the major characters such as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are 1/50 to be involved. The Oscars also tend to have outright favourites, especially for the obvious categories such as Best Director and Best Actor. The key therefore is to find different angles. For TV shows betting early on who will win should give you better odds, whilst elimination shows may also be a little more fruitful. Accumulators can also be a good way to tackle the novelty markets.

Novelty Bet Features

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