Bounty Sell Out House Draw In Record Time

The Big £1million

Bounty Sell Out House Draw In Record Time

Setting up and running a win a house prize draw isn’t a guarantee of success. In fact history is littered with individuals and platforms who mistakenly thought that the prize draw option for property was going to be an easy ride to riches. Underlining that point are pay to enter prize draw sites Dream Comp and Super Competitions 247. The former tried to giveaway a highly attractive holiday home in Cornwall but despite a valiant effort to drum up interest only managed to sell 174 tickets to 96 customers. The draw has since been cancelled and refunds offered. Super Competitions 247 have been a little more tenacious with their Lisburn property or £200,000 cash promotion. The closing date has been moved a few times but ticket sales have remained painfully slow. At time of writing they’ve only managed to move 284 tickets of a target of 60,000. Compare and contrast the fortunes of these two win a house prize draws to the recent one run by Bounty Competitions. On 1st March 2024 they launched a draw offering a 3 bedroom home in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire. The promotion was live for around one hour when we started our review and already 16,000 tickets of 87,000 had been sold. By the time we’d finished writing a further 1500 tickets were sold. That’s nearly 5 times more than Super Competitions 247 have sold in several months.

Record Results

The ticket sales for the Aberdeenshire property or £240,000 cash didn’t slow down. In fact the 87,000 tickets sold out at just before 10am on Saturday 2nd March. That’s incredible! For the record tickets were sold at £6 a ticket meaning £522,000 (assuming no discounts) was spent on this prize draw in under 24 hours. It’s no wonder so many pay to enter prize draw sites are trying to get a foothold in the space. According to a comment on our review page – and we presume the information stemmed from Bounty – the site were due to run an advertising campaign for the property prize draw, but didn’t even have the time to get it launched. Anyway, rather than sit about and congratulate themselves on an incredible 24 hours, Bounty decided not to keep entrants waiting and conducted a live prize draw for the property or cash at 7pm on the Saturday evening. The winner was Eunice Mckay but at the moment we don’t know whether they’ve opted to take the cash or the house package that includes £20,000 and a VW Golf car. Congratulations to Eunice and huge kudos to Bounty Competitions for not only selling out in record time, but going from launch to announcing the winner in record time. Whatever you may think of property prize draws and “raffle style” sites this is remarkable. Bounty were due to launch a £1million prize draw in April but they’ve acually now brought this forward. That’s only been running a few days and has already sold 76,000 tickets of a maximum of 142,000. Wow!

How Are Bounty So Successful?

The key to being successful in the pay to enter prize draw sector is – at least from how we see it – having a sizeable and incredibly engaged audience. Bounty have over 210,000 followers on their Facebook channel for example and there are posts being made regularly throughout the day. Many of course are aimed at getting you to buy tickets but winners are posted and the owners regularly engage with followers via live updates. There seems to be a lot of transparency with how things run which creates trustworthiness. Entrants can see people do actually win, the draws are conducted with clarity and it’s all done with a lot of laughs and entertainment. Additionally if you offer a big prize, it sells out rapidly, and people see that someone has won then that also creates interest.The routes to success in property prize draws in 2024 seem to be either huge marketing campaigns (Omaze) or build and develop and engaged audience along the lines of Bounty, McKinney and Tramway Path. Bounty have been building and building their brand for nearly four years and are now reaping the rewards of their hard work. Whilst it’s good to see sites such as Dream Comp and Super Competitions 247 try to give away property, the fact is that both are relatively new to the scene, haven’t established a good size audience and therefore were always going to face an uphill battle to compete against other platforms.

What Next For Bounty Competitions?

If you can shift 87,000 x £6 tickets for a 3 bedroom property in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, then surely you’re going to be popping out property prize draws left, right and centre going forward? We’re guessing that this won’t be the last property prize draw from Bounty, but nothing new will appear at least until after their £1million cash promotion has concluded. If Eunice Mckay has decided to take the cash alternative of £240K in the property prize draw though we might well see the 3 bedroom house pop up again as a prize so that the whole process gets repeated. This is something we’ve seen McKinney do several times, especially with overseas holiday homes where the winners have decided the cash is a better option. We don’t think that Bounty however will be popping out monthly property prize draws – at least not yet. Prospective prizes need to be sorted, potentially purchased and promotions planned and that takes time and resources. And just because Oldmeldrum sold well doesn’t necessarily mean the next prize draw does as well. One thing we would however like to see at Bounty Competitions is a little more information for entrants regarding responsible play. Whilst they’re legally not required to act as a gambling entity, the mechanic can be expensive and addictive. As a leading site in the sector they should, in our view, also be leading with information explaining that play should be affordable and that there are tools in place to limit spending, monitor costs and there are options for cooling off and exclusion.