Compers In The News

The term professional comper has been used for many years to refer to someone that features in their online, newspaper or TV articles and has been successful in comping. Another popular term is Comping Queen although rarely is there a Comping King. Today the crown of Comping Queen is firmly in the grip of Di Coke, aka SuperluckyDi. However occasionally others make the news and we like to feature them below.

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Comping & Compers In The News

Over the last few weeks competitions, compers and comping have popped up in the news. The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, The Sun, Real People Magazine and even BBC Breakfast have all covered comping in

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Meet The Bloggers: Fuss Free Flavours

In the third of our Meet The Bloggers articles we’re heading to Fuss Free Flavours. Over on this blog you’ll find regular foodie themed competitions, but who’s behind the blog? We caught up with Helen

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Meet The Bloggers:

Following on from London Unattached in our meet the bloggers series is Emma from Emma has regularly submitted her blog competitions to Loquax and was happy to answer a few questions for us. Who

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Meet The Bloggers: London Unattached

Blog competitions have become increasingly more popular during 2011. On top of that many compers have become bloggers and some bloggers have also become compers. But who are the bloggers, what kind of competitions do

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