Entering Prize Draws

Prize draws are the easiest kind of competitions to enter.

They require an entrant to submit details about themselves to the competition organisers - usually by means of completing a form provided within a web page, or (occasionally) by e-mail. Most 'Net' competitions require a valid email address from the entrant. This is often used to compile email 'mailshot' lists. Click here for details about spam and competitions.

Note: You should always be offered an option when filling in a form for a competition to opt out of any mailing lists and/or third party contacts. Declining futher details should not affect the chances of your entry winning.

GMTV want an answer and some details to enter this prize draw!

Although some prize draws require that you only submit details of yourself to enter - many will require an answer to some question or questions which are (usually) related to the goods or services on offer at the website or the competition sponsors website.

In general the answers should be relatively easy to find - they can often be found in the preamble text introducing the competition! Don't be afraid to spend a couple of minutes looking for the answer - it could mean the difference between winning and losing!

Visit our Finding Answers section for help on, well, finding answers using the internet!

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