Tiebreaker & Slogan Competitions

Tiebreaker competitions online are still not that popular and to the disappointment of many experienced compers they're starting to vanish from offline promotions too. In a tiebreaker or slogan competition entrants are ofen asked to make a purchase and then provide an answer which will be judged by the organiser to decide the winners.

With tiebreakers you are often limited to a number of words (e.g. 12 words or less), and a lead in sentence may need to be completed. Other competitions may just ask you to choose something in an order of merit and give reasons for your choice. In most cases the judges will ask you to be apt and original.

Britannia Rescue Have Run a Number of Web Tiebreaker Competitions

Although we have won one tiebreaker competition (a holiday to Barbados) Loquax can't give you too much help in the way of "how to enter and win tiebreaker competitions".

The best advice we can offer regarding tiebreaker competitions is give them a try! Try and be apt to the competition and prize. Humour is often good, but don't be too contrived. Test your slogan on a friend - if they don't understand, how will the judges? A list of current online Tiebreaker Competitions are available on Loquax.

For further help and advice visit the the Loquax forums.

Winspiration used to be good for additional help with tiebreaker competitions, including offline competitions. However, the site is no longer updated although some of the content may still be useful.

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