Raffle House Competitions Review - Closed

Originally lauched as a win a house platform, Raffle House has evolved to running prize draws for other prizes including holidays, cars and tech. There are also fixed odd competitions with cash and win a house tickets up for grabs. Dream Home raffles continue.

Company: Raffle House Ltd

When Was Raffle House Competitions Launched: 2021

What Prizes Can You Win: Houses, Cash, Tech, Lifestyle Prizes

Can You Enter For Free: Yes - See Terms For Details

Do People Really Win: Winners Page

Payment Options: Debit Cards

Our Rating Out Of 5:

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About Raffle House Competitions

Raffle House are more well known for running win a home competitions - and to date (February 2022) they've been involved in several contests. We know that one of these did create a house winner but the others have all resulted in cash prizes. The last few contests have been shrouded in mystery with Raffle House reluctant to give out details of the cash award. During their third property contest the company expanded it's offering to include other prizes and raffles. In many respects this is the opposite journey to Elite Competitions who started out with car raffles and have in the last year started to offer up huge cash prizes and property.

Lifestyle Prizes

If you want to try and win motors, tech, holidays, experiences or luxury goodies then Raffle House has you covered. Their prize selection is pretty impressive. Entries cost from 30p but you can pay more depending on the type and quality of prize. For example a Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc entry will cost over 5 whilst an Apple TV 4K entry is 30p. We understand that each week all paid entries go into a draw and a winner selected. The winner then receives the prize they've paid for. This approach is very similar to multi stake rooms that you'll find on bingo sites. Entrants can buy multiple tickets and there are discounts for bulk entries.

Fixed Odds Competitions

More akin to raffles as you'll find on the likes of Raffall and other sites are Raffle House's Fixed Odds offerings. At time of writing there were just a couple of fixed odds prizes - one for 20,000 cash and and another to win 100 Dream Home Tickets. The latter is guaranteed so will be won regardless of sales whilst the cash prize competition has already been extended. Ticket prices vary from a couple of pounds up to 39.99 for one of the cash promos. Discounts are available for early birds and bulk buyers. It's worth keeping an eye out for emails and pop-ups on the site which incentivise you to purchase in exchange for a discount.

Our Verdict

With a property contest running, lifestyle pay to enter prize draws and fixed odds competitions there's a lot going on at Raffle House. The site can be a bit confusing - for example the homepage shows a countdown for the "next draw winner" but some visitors may mistake this to reference the property prize. However scroll down further and there are explanations about how it all works. These details may be useful in each of the sections too. We have previously described Raffle House as a slick operation that is aiming high. However our rating of this brand has dropped lately due to the lack of information forthcoming with respect to recent property prizes. Communication to players seems to be lacking and needs to improve.

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